The Shabbat and holidays are extraordinary times in Jewish culture. Much of these are associated with candle lighting, and having the appropriate lineup of pure silver pieces to complete the visual and functional needs is a blessing. Check our Candelabras catalog now and choose the one that suits you best.

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Beautifully Designed Silver Candelabras

Sometimes, beyond using them for presentation, you find that these make great gifts to others who may either put them to great use or keep them as high-value souvenirs. The latter is much less likely, but even so, you are going to put smiles on faces.

Today’s focus is the array of beautiful silver candelabras offered by Hadad Bros. The selection features pieces with five, six, eight, nine, and even 10 branches for users to take advantage of.


Titans of the Pure Silver Industry

Before continuing, there may be some value in your understanding of what kind of company you are dealing with where the Hadad Bros name is concerned. First, the company intends to have all its visitors be able to find something that speaks to them on an individual level.

To this end, you find that the spread of products comes from different creative geniuses in the form of highly talented Jewish artists. This is just one of the reasons why the Hadad Pure Silver chain has the distinction of being the largest pure Silverware producer worldwide.

Many of these pieces end up in institutions, including Judaica displays, houses, synagogues, and hotels. Everything in the store is good enough to form a part of important ceremonies and milestones, automatically making them tremendous gift ideas.

The styles consist of traditional and modern designs, meaning that they can either slot into or be the centerpiece of any aesthetic you may want to create.


Silver Candelabras – The Exquisite Set

So, after lighting candles, where do you put them? You have various options, but let Hadad Bros wow you with its selection of pure silver candelabras.

Beyond the branch number selections, you find that all these designs leave a different imprint on you with the high level of detail and individualism that is synonymous with them.

Achieving a sense of value is one of the objectives, and you are likely going to agree that it hardly gets more valuable in the world of pure silver than this. Of course, that only goes double when a sale is on.

As far as the beautiful silver candelabras go, some of the recommended choices include the Galil Candelabra 8 Branches (L)Arozit Candelabra 6 Branches, and Bagel Candelabra 6 Branches (M).

Though these are singled out, it does not discredit the sheer presence and design of all the others in the catalog, so you are encouraged to browse through them to find what fits you.


More Silver Awaits You

For a company that’s known for its silver designs, the extensive line of candelabras is not where it ends. In the same bane, you can find candlesticks for bridal or Bat Mitzvah purposes.

Beyond those, you can get trays for lighting candles, Kiddush and wine-related items, Shabbat pieces, Jewish home elements, items for the synagogue, and a host of other gifts to choose from.