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From the day a baby is welcomed into the family until he or she grows up, there are many Jewish rites of passage to be celebrated together. From the brit milah and pidyon haben to the bar mitzvah, you will be able to find a special and tailored gift for each occasion: Kiddush sets for the brit and the pidyon, silver coins for the pidyon haben ceremony, menorahs for the bar mitzvah, a Sefer Torah yad for the bar mitzvah, small candlesticks for the bat mitzvahKiddush cups and glasses.


A Kiddush set for a Bar Mitzvah and Pidyon Haben

For the very moment that the age of a young boy’s life turns from the age of 12 years and 364 days to the age of 13, he can now bless the wine on Shabbat, do the Havdalah, and thus fulfill his obligation and all others present to do a great Mitzvah. On this very exciting date on which the boy celebrates his entrance into the performance of Torah and Mitzvot, there’s nothing more appropriate to gift the 13 – year – old than a pure silver goblet, to express the excitement of such a momentous occasion, and make him enjoy fulfilling the Mitzvah of the Kiddush. 

It is important to know that in the wording of the Kiddush we express and reenforce our belief in our creator who created the world in six days of labor and rested on the seventh day. The words of the Kiddush are also intended for us to remember the big obligation to remember the Shabbat and keep it as is required by Jewish law, for us and for our offspring. A pure silver goblet is a very popular gift and a custom across all Jewish cultures, and it signifies the meaning that this day has in the life of a Jewish man.

It is also traditional to give a goblet made of silver as a present celebrating pidyon haben for a newborn. You could add an engraving on the goblet so it could be remembered through many years, so that the baby grows up and knows who had so lovingly presented him with a pure silver Kiddush goblet.


A Hadad Brothers pure silver goblet – a gift for a newborn / for a Bar Mitzvah

You can find a variety of fancy goblets (like the Extra Italy Hammered Goblet) that are designed by the most renowned designers in the world, and made with unforgiving high quality. The price of a gobbler as a silver piece present for a Bar Mitzvah is lower that the price of a goblet as a wedding present. The price of a goblet starts at just 314 shekels. The delivery time of the goblets are between 7 days to 90 days. That’s why, if you’re interested in buying a goblet as a gift for pidyon haben, it’s advisable to prepare for the purchase ahead of time.


Candlesticks for a Bat Mitzvah

Do you know the Chabadnik saying: “every woman and girl – light Shabbat candles”? In many different communities it is a custom that young girls begin lighting Shabbat candles as soon as they reach the age of 12 – the age at which the burden of fulfilling Mitzvot is taken. The most appropriate and meaningful gift to give a girl for her Bat Mitzvah – pure silver candlesticks. The candle lighting Mitzvah is one of the three Mitzvot that have to do with a woman, and it is important to make it luxurious in the eyes of the girl celebrating her entrance into the women’s world.


The Hadad Brothers pure silver candlesticks – a Bat Mitzvah gift

Hadad’s silver candlesticks are carefully produced and uniquely artfully crafted by the best of designers. Different styles of candlesticks can be found in the catalogue: modern or traditional, and you can choose them based on your personal preferences. The price of a pair of small candlesticks starts at 806 shekels. These silver pieces are of a particularly high standard, and the delivery time moves between 7 days to 90 days.


Small Menorahs

A small menorah is a wonderful option for a Bar Mitzvah gift, it allows the young man to light candles in a menorah fit for his age, that is not too expensive, and yet still made out of pure silver.

The Hadad Brothers pure silver menorahs are made with the expected meticulousness, and they are offered in a variety of styles and price tags. The price for a small menorah is also small and starts at 478 shekels. The delivery time moves between 7 days to 120 days.


A Torah hand pointer

A Torah hand pointer is a Jewish ceremonial article that is used to point to the words of the passages during the reading of the Torah by the reader. This is a gift that is customary to buy for a Bar Mitzvah boy. The price for a hand starts at 556 shekels and the delivery time moves between 7 days to 90 days.

 *Prices may vary from time to time.