Bat Mitzvah candlesticks

It’s undeniable how important a Bat Mitzvah is to every Jewish girl. It represents a new chapter in her life. This is when she begins to take on the roles and responsibilities of a Jewish adult. More importantly, this is where she starts to decide how she is going to practice Judaism. Check the category for various Bat Mitzvah candlesticks as gift for the Bat Mitzvah event.

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Certainly, there is much that hinges on this ceremony, which is why so much effort is put into its details. The decor is a big part of it, and you often find that silver is the perfect touch to give the kind of aesthetic you want.


High-quality silver candlesticks

To this end, Hadad Bros offers a collection of high-quality silver candlesticks, which you can purchase for various reasons. Maybe you want it to form a part of the Bat Mitzvah visual, or you may simply want to gift it to the special young lady that’s at the center of the festivities.

Browse the Hadad collection, and you are all but guaranteed to find something that you cannot leave without having.


The Hadad Bros Name

Hadad Bros has been a premier name in the world of silverware gifts for some time. Even if you were not aware of this, you’ve probably seen and maybe even own a couple of items that fall under the Hadad Pure Silver umbrella. Why is this?

Well, the Hadad Pure Silver chain currently stands as the largest producer of pure silverware in the world. Whether you’re viewing a Judaica display, visiting a synagogue, or even staying at a Jewish hotel, it’s not uncommon for you to see one or more items from the beautiful collection.

You are looking at the results of just over half a century of experience complemented by the inspiration from various top-tier Jewish artists.

Silverware gifts for Bat Mitzvah needs are present in spades, and the company has already created many satisfied clients in this regard.


Silver Bat Mitzvah Candlesticks – Make It Special

As alluded to before, you have a beautiful spread of silver Bat Mitzvah candlesticks to choose from. They all utilize different visual styles, as well as sizing footprints, so something should be able to match your taste, whatever that may be.

Three of the highly recommended selections include the Balls Talik CandlesticksBen Shimon Candlesticks (S), and Apple 4 Candlesticks (S) Filigree. Bear in mind that these three are flanked by many more that you can choose to review at your leisure.


Cleaning and Care

While pure silver items, such as silver candlesticks for a Bat Mitzvah are incredibly durable, they still do well with care and maintenance. So, here are just a couple of short tidbits to set you on the right track.

First, you want to store these pieces in closed areas or glass cabinets, since air oxidization is often responsible for tarnishing them. You may wash the items immediately after use and dry them with a soft cloth. This is especially necessary if salt, wine, lemon, or vinegar come into contact with any of your silverware.

Use hot water to wash away wax stains. Pay attention to the product packaging and stick to consumer standard cleaning products. Scratches are entirely possible, so clean preventatively by avoiding abrasive products and excessive force.