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Hanukkah Candles

While outside the cold winter winds of the month of Kislev are whistling, inside the house, the whole family gathers to light Hanukkah candles. Small flames flash over the Great Silver Hanukkiah, which reflects their lights and fills the room with mesmerizing sparks.

Hanukkah candles represent the miracle of Hanukkah and are a symbol of the triumph of light over darkness.


The symbol of Hanukkah, the story of the family

Yes, there are Sufganiot and dreidels, but Hanukkiah is the symbol of Hanukkah. The holiday mitzvah is lighting the candles. This mitzva has been practiced throughout history with great devotion: even in Auschwitz Hanukkiah candles were lit.

Every family has their own Hanukkiah, it is not a utensil you buy on a whim and throw out after a few uses. The Hanukkiah is part of the holiday landscape, it brings the whole family together around it.

A Hanukkiah becomes part of the family story that will be remembered for generations. We at Hadad pure silver are aware of the meaning and sentimental value of each Hanukkiah. Therefore, we make sure to manufacture Hanukkiahs of the highest quality, using materials of the highest quality, to skillfully produce each design by hand, and to examine each piece to make sure it complies with our strict quality standard.


Every family and its customs

When it comes to lighting candles there are various customs: there are those who place the Hanukkiah a window, others prefer to place it outside, near the entrance, door and some light a Hanukkiah next to every single door in the house. Every family and its custom, every family and its Hanukkiah.

Pure Silver Hadad offers all kinds of Hanukkiahs, so no matter what your custom is – you will find the Hanukkiah that suits you in their store: a Chabad Hanukkah menorah for those who follow Chabad’s customs, a wall Hanukkah menorah if you light your Hanukkiah near a window, and a Hanukkiah on a pedestal if you light it by the door.

At Hadad, you can also find beautiful small Hanukkiahs. They are especially suitable for boys over the age of thirteen who make sure to light Hanukkah candles themselves, for yeshiva guys who do not want to carry a large Hanukkah Menorah but want to feel at home, and also for adults: if for example, they are traveling during the holiday, and of course – for those who just love small Hanukah Menorahs.


All designs and styles – at Hadad pure silver

Hadad Pure Silver offers a wide range of designs and styles. Whichever type of Hanukkiah you are looking for you, there are various options in the different lines: a Hanukkiah in a clean design, a Hanukkiah with minimalistic decorations, and a stylish Hanukkiah full of engraved patterns.

In addition to the design, at Hadad pure silver you will also find Hanukkiahs on different types of pedestals.


What does the structure of the Hanukkiah contain?

A Hannukah Menorah on a pedestal has two main parts: a base and a lampstand. The shape of the branches and the way they are attached to the base determine the structure of the Hanukkiah.

The classic structure is of branches coming out of the middle main branch, four on each side. The higher the branch, the more central it is, and the closer it is to the middle branch. This is the typical form of Chabad Hanukkiahs and many other Hanukkiahs.

A more unique structure is formed when all the branches, including the middle branch, are connected to the upper end of the base. This form is typical of several unique collections that can be found at Hadad pure silver. You can easily see the examples on their website, for example when choosing the Origo model or the Shell model.

Another unique form is of a Hanukkiah that combines characteristics of a pedestal Hanukkiah and a Hanukkiah designed for the wall on a wall. This Hanukkiah includes a tray upon which the candle holders are attached. Such trays are typical of wall Hanukkiahs. If you are interested in such a hybrid model you should look up the C2 Hanukkiah, you will be impressed by the surprisingly unique and integrated look.

The structure of a diagonal Hanukkiah is also surprising: the middle branch is tilted sideways, appearing at the right end of the Hanukkiah. The eight candle holders are attached to it and are skewed in the opposite direction.

Each family has its personal favorite Hanukkiah and its preferred costumes and Hanukkah traditions. At Hadad pure silver, every family will find the perfect Hanukkah Menorah based on the size, the design, the structure, and the price that suits them. Happy Hanukkah!