Silver Seder Plates

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The allure goes beyond the visual style too. They serve their purpose incredibly well, and there is no questioning the extent of durability that they bring.

That’s why Hadad Bros specializes in pure silver Passover elements, including some of the most beautiful silver Seder plates you have ever laid your eyes on.


Hadad Expertise

You may be wondering what makes Hadad so experienced in silver Passover items. Well, you are getting the result of years of experience in creating silver-plated pieces, integrated silverware, and pure silver items.

Today, the Hadad Pure Silver chain stands before you as the world’s largest producer of pure silverware.

There are many institutions, including synagogues, houses, hotels, and more, that all bear works of art that fall under the Haddad umbrella.

It’s very unlikely that you could browse the entire collection and not find something that resonates with you or meets whatever need you were looking to fulfill.

While some prefer a classic look and feel, others prefer the contemporary line. Hadad stands ready, willing, and able to effectively serve both sides of the coin with its designs.

Why not browse the silver Seder plate collection, and find what fits you?


Silver Seder Plates – the Collection

The silver Seder plate collection displays a lot to be proud of. Some people prefer binding frames that are completely round.

Alternatively, something more stylistic may be desired. You may even prefer one arrangement of the six designated areas to another. Some of the top designs include:


All these are pure silver designs that are guaranteed to stay with you for a very long time to come. For those who may be interested in a standing design, you could also opt to get the Seder plate with legs.

The images used to representative designs are picture-perfect and can be used to judge or imagine what the product you receive in hand is expected to look like. All the pieces are worth every dollar and past buyers can attest to this.


Delivery Schedule

When you look on the site, you may notice different ranges laid out for delivery. Naturally, it can get a bit confusing, so here’s a bit of explanation to put things into perspective.

Considering that these are high-quality designs, they must go through the required manufacturing process before they are ready for shipping.

Some of the Seder plates would already be in stock when you order. In that case, the typical 7 to 10 working days for worldwide destinations and three to five days for Israeli destinations would apply.

If you were to order something that’s already being manufactured, then you would be looking at 11 to 60 working days, plus processing, packaging, and shipping.

Finally, for items that require a more intricate manufacturing process, you find that the delivery time ranges from 120 to 180 working days.

The team works to get to your items as quickly as possible while meeting the required quality standards.