A lovely home and nice things make people satisfied and peaceful. At Hadad Brothers you can find a range of stylish pieces of art to revive the home all year round, to give as gifts on special occasions, Shabbat and holidays. The range of pieces includes stylish mezuzahs, candlesticks and candelabras, menorahs for bar mitzvahs, Sefer Torah yad pointers for the synagogue, Kiddush sets for the groom, coins for the pidyon haben ceremony and more.

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Silver dishes for weddings

Every Jewish household begins with a wedding in accordance with Jewish law. As such, naturally this is a particularly festive and stirring event that many people hope and wait for, starting with the ecstatic grandfather and grandmother, to the excited parents, and of course the bride and groom themselves.

It’s true that many people tend to write a check with a large sum in honor of the wedding day, but it’s important to remember that this opportunity can be used to gift a much more personal and stirring present. Gifts that will remind the young lovers that they are, in fact, building a home together in Israel. 

For example, you could gift the newlywed couple a pair of elegant pure silver candlesticks, with which they can welcome the many Shabbat evenings that they are expected to share together in accordance to Jewish tradition. Beautiful candlesticks such as these can be found in a large variety of styles and sizes, so that whether would prefer large candlesticks, heavily decorated with stylized hammerings, or more compact and smaller candlesticks designed with clean and tranquil lines, you’ll be able to find the perfect pair.

Another option for a moving gift for the newlywed couple is a pure silver Kiddush set. A pure silver Kiddush set is another essential component in every Jewish household that will help the young couple in celebrating many exciting Shabbat days together, in their new home. 

The silver pieces wedding gift catalogue.


Silver dishes as Bar Mitzvah gifts

A Bar Mitzvah is an especially exciting moment in the life of every religious Jew, as it is famously the moment that he changes for a boy, to a religious Jewish adult in every sense. In order to underline this important event and illustrate to the young man the magnitude of the ceremony and the occasion, it is recommended to give him a gift that will make him understand the very real change taking place within him, and the change in his status as it is perceived by the Jewish tradition.

One of the important ceremonies in Judaism that the young Jew can now take part in is the Kiddush of the Shabbat evening.  Based on this, an elegant and decorated pure silver Kiddush goblet is a worthy and stirring gift that will accompany him during many years along which ever path he chooses to take.


Silver dishes as Bat Mitzvah gifts

Lighting Shabbat candles is a very moving ceremony, that Jewish women and girls have been taking part in since childhood. That being said, when a girl reaches the Bat Mitzvah age, there is no doubt that the scope of her responsibilities become greater as does the expectation of her to keep the mitzvahs and ceremonies that exist in the Jewish tradition.

Silver candlesticks for lighting the Shabbat candles is useful as well as touching as a gift for a girl who has reached Bat Mitzvah age, and any Jewish girl celebrating that age would be happy to receive them. Another worthy option is gifting candlesticks that come with the verses of the blessing for lighting candles on Shabbat evening.


Silver dishes as gifts for a newborn baby

Every newborn Jewish boy starts his journey with a circumcision. One this exciting occasion a ceremony is held during which, among others, the wine is blessed with “Who creates the fruit of the vine” and the Jewish baby is given wine from the Kiddush for the very first time. An extravagant Kiddush goblet or a silver wine cup for the Kiddush is an excellent gift to celebrate the newborn baby’s circumcision.

Silver dishes as gift for a Bar/ Bat Mitzvah/ birth of a baby.


Silver pieces gifts for decorating the house

When entering a Jewish home, it is often easy to identify a number of typical objects that respect the impressive Jewish tradition and roots. Often those objects are humble ones, made of materials such as wood or plastic, and other times it’s intricate and decorated objects, hand – made with great care and thought.

First and foremost, at the entrance to every home, as well as the entrance to each room, on the door frame you will be able to find a mezuzah. The mezuzah at the front door is the first thing that guests notice which is why a beautiful, intricate mezuzah made of pure silver is a wonderful present for a house warming party or a going away party for friends who are leaving.

 Another piece of Judaica that can serve as a good present for moving to a new home and that has clear decorative elements is a slate made of silver with the Blessing of the Home printed on it. A blessing such as this would look fantastic in any entrance hall or any other main space in the home.


Silver dishes gifts for the Shabbat and holiday table

Whether it’s Rosh Hashana, Sukkot, Hannukah, Shavuot, Purim, or the night of the Seder, silver Judaica pieces are an inseparable part of the Jewish and Israeli holidays. During most of the Israeli holidays many Jews traditionally host and are hosted, and so it becomes a wonderful opportunity to give family members and beloved friends gift of Judaica pieces as gifts in the spirit of the holidays.

This way, in honor of Passover or toward the night of the Seder, you could, for example, give your loved ones Seder plates made of pure silver decorated and adorned with different motifs that are involved with the Jewish tradition. Another wonderful possibility leading up to Passover is a matza serving dish or alternately, a silver cup or goblet for Eliyahu the Prophet. 

Another popular option is gifting a menorah for the upcoming Hannukah. It’s said that in the heart of darkness of the winter months the menorahs are responsible for spreading light and cheer during the eight days of the Hannukah holiday. The Hannukah menorahs come in a wide range of different sizes, materials, and designs, but pure silver menorahs are undoubtedly the crown jewel of the Hannukah holiday.

On Sukkot every religious Jew purchases the Four Species: lulav, myrtle, etrog, and willow to bless with during the Sukkot holiday. Because the purchase of a kosher and appropriate is not a small matter, a velvet padded silver etrog box is a very useful item for many Jewish households around the country and the world. 

Now that you are well versed in all the exciting gifts for all those happy occasions celebrated in accordance with Jewish tradition, before every holiday or celebration, all you have to do is locate a quality Judaica store such as Hadad Pure Silver and purchase a gift for those people who are dear to your heart.

At Hadad Pure Silver you could find a wide and pristine variety of decorated Judaica pieces in a wide range of styles, so that you can find the perfect gift every single time.