Silverware for Passover

Hadad Bros aims to provide a host of quality Silverware for Passover alongside a variety of other premium designs. The intention is to ensure that customers can find something that is aesthetically pleasing while effectively serving its designated purpose.

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You may be in the market for items for your own home, or you may also be looking to gift Passover’s silverware to someone else.

Whatever your motivation may be, feel free to browse the outstanding collection of designs.

In the true spirit of variety, you are going to find that the spread of items under similar categories is made by different artists. That way, it’s likely for all customers to find something that appeals to their tastes.

What you’re getting here is genuine designs comprised of pure silver designed and made by some of the most talented Jewish artists on the planet.

This is a good time to mention that beyond Passover’s silverware, the Hadad Pure Silver chain has the distinction of being the world’s largest pure silverware producer.


Passover’s Silverware – the Collection

If you’re here, then you are very likely interested in getting your hands on high-quality Passover’s silverware.

As the family gathers around the holiday table, you want the best-in-class items to showcase respect for the season and what it means.

Everything you need is here for you to enjoy, including silver Seder platessilver Seder cases, and a silver Eliyahu cup. silver Seder plates, silver Seder cases, and a silver Eliyahu cup. See if their information below or a brief description of some of the designs but fall under each category.


Silver Seder Plates

Seder plates are instrumental during Passover, allowing for the separation of different elements of a meal. Our exquisite designs prominently display the six separated areas in a couple of different arrangement patterns.

The well-designed external frames lining the various brands simply bring off the artistic styles.

Some of the available options included the Imperium Elite Seder plate, the Seder Plate Fantasy, the Lugano Seder Plate, and the Victoria Seder Plate.


Seder Cases

The Seder case is another fundamental Passover silverware element, and you can easily find one that speaks to you by browsing the vast collection available.

Though the foundation of each case has a short cylindrical shape, for an extra touch of aesthetic pleasure, you may notice a bit of flair so the shape.

The options available include the Seder Case King Garden, the Seder Case Vitrage, the Seder Case Fantasy, and the Seder Case Imperium Gates. All these are made of pure silver as you’d expect.


Matza Holder

Here, you can get one of the best silver Matzah box holder options on the market to help you save space on your table.

The design is none other than the Matza Shmura Box Imperium Gates, made of pure silver and guaranteed to suit your visual and functional needs.


Eliyahu cups

You were probably wondering if goblets were taken care of too, and the answer is a resounding yes.

Depending on what appeals to your heart, you have a wide variety, including the Hakerem Goblet Set, Extra Imperium Gates Goblet, Extra Round Eye Goblet, and the Fantasy Jumbo Eliyahu Goblet.



Passover serveware is the last stop, and the Lady Suzan Trio manages to look great while serving as it was intended to. The best part is its affordable price.