Lighting Candles

There is a delicate yet stirring power to the flickering flame of a burning candle. And so, for hundreds of years, and throughout many generations, Lighting Candles has been a part of innumerable ceremonies and prayers. Before you are a variety of silverware for Lighting Candles of “Hadad Pure Silver” that will serve you in getting the most out of all those most blessed and holy occasions.

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Using quality candlesticks will add beauty and pleasure to every sacred moment. The expertise required in the crafting of a pair of candlesticks in effect embodies centuries of magnificent Jewish tradition.


The use of candlesticks in Jewish tradition

Whether you are a religious and practicing Jew or a secular Jew, every member of the Jewish community is familiar with some Jewish ceremonies that include candle lighting. For example, these ceremonies include:

  • Lighting Shabbat candles every Friday evening.
  • Lighting a candle during the Havdala ceremony, in order to distinguish the holy day of Shabbat from the rest of the week days.
  • The ceremony of checking for and burning of Hametz, that takes place before every Passover, during which a burning candle is used to find and burn crumbs of Hametz.
  • And many more.


In many of these traditional ceremonies, candlesticks are an essential component. The following sections will describe the different kinds of candlesticks and discuss in detail the many uses of candlesticks such as these.


How should you pick the right candlesticks for your home?

Candlesticks today are created with the use of different materials and technologies, but through many years no material or crafting technique was found whose quality exceeds or equates to that of a pair of candlesticks made from pure silver, of high quality. For this reason, at prestigious Judaica stores such as The Hadad Brothers, the vast majority of candlesticks are created through the use of high-quality pure silver.

As for the style of candlesticks that you might find at The Hadad Brothers, the is a large selection of alternating designs so that anyone can find a creation that suits their style, taste, and preferences

Therefore, whether you are looking for candlesticks with a spectacular design and intricate detailing inspired by Jewish heritage and tradition, or you are interested in a more modern and minimalistic design that creates a strong impact with precise and clean lines, you can find the most prestigious of creations within The Hadad Brothers catalogue, both classic and uniquely special.

Another feature when it comes to candlesticks is their size, as candlesticks come in all sizes and proportions and a Judaica store will have a wide variety of shapes and sizes. If you are in the market for a pair of large candlesticks that could light a big space and leave a big impact or if you are looking for a smaller set that would fit in tastefully in the pleasant environment and intimacy of a small space, you will most probably find exactly what you need in the excellent collection of candlesticks available at The Hadad Brothers store.

It’s important to remember that for large spaces it is advisable to select a larger, more dominant item, both in terms of the height and the width of the candlesticks. As for smaller areas, naturally the opposite is true. Thus in small space it would be better to include items that are smaller, shorter, and more narrow.


Small Candlesticks

Candlesticks come in all sorts of shapes and proportions and the size of the piece you choose to incorporate into your house is influenced by a variety of factors. As we stated in the previous paragraphs, the size of the room plays a major role in the selection process of a pair of candlesticks. In addition, the price is also a deciding factor for many clients. Usually, larger candlesticks will be more expensive, and so if you are on a limited budget, it’s advisable to consider purchasing a set of smaller candlesticks.

If you are concerned that small candlesticks will be less impressive it is important to note that that is not necessarily the case. Nowadays it is possible to find many types of smaller candlesticks that will leave a lasting impression on your loved ones, your guests, and yourselves.



This multi-branched candlestick fulfills a special role in the Jewish tradition and in fact, you could say that the menorah with its 7 branches and the hanukkiah with its 9 branches are candelabras that are used during the holidays and as popular Jewish symbols in the Jewish folklore.

Candelabras as most of us know them can have 6 branches and in some cases, there are even candelabras with no less than 12 branches. As a general rule you could say that the bigger your household is and the bigger the number of people living there, the more branches you would need on your candelabra.

Similar to the case with candlesticks, candelabras are also created using a variety of materials and different kinds of methods and technologies. Despite all the approaches and new developments in the world of Judaica and religious articles, the perfect candelabra will always be made of pure silver of excellent quality.


Sets and Prayers for Candle Lighting

Prayers raised in holy reverence during different Jewish rituals come hand in hand with candle lighting. It is for this reason that the sets that include the prayer passages together with the pair of candlesticks can serve as gifts that are both practical and beautiful. And so, sets such as these serve as a wonderful gift in a variety of different occasions, whether it is for a housewarming party, a gift for a newlywed couple starting a home in Israel, for a young lady celebrating her Bat Mitzvah, or simply for a friend close to your heart.

These sets are available in all the different sizes, shapes, and styles, and some even include especially interesting components like a compartment to keep a box of matches in, a checkered board that can be used to paly checkers or chess, and even a compartment to be used as a piggy bank.

Purchasing quality Judaica products and silverware for candle lighting is an investment that your family and your offspring will be grateful for and will also provide you with a meaningful connection to the past and a feeling of meaning and continuity.