Menorahs are the symbol of Hanukkah and one of the essential silverware in the Jewish showcase. In the Hadad Pure Silver store, you will find Menorahs of all kinds, combining beauty, quality, and tradition. The different structures of the menorahs correspond to the different lighting customs. All menorahs are manufactured to the high standards of Hadad Pure Silver’s standards.

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What are your traditions? All Types of Hanukkiahs

Every family has its own habits for lighting candles. Different customs refer to the size of the Hanukkiah and the type of its structure.

In addition, when choosing which type of Hanukkiah to purchase, the personal status of the person who owns it and the use of Hanukkiah also influence the type of the most suitable Hanukkiah. For example, it is usually common for a groom to receive or buy himself a Hanukkiah on a pedestal. In contrast to this, a Yeshiva student or someone who wants an extra Hanukkiah will often purchase a wall Hanukkah Menorah.


What types of Hanukkiahs can you find in Hadad pure silver?

Hanukkiahs on a Pedestal

The classic Hanukkiah, with a base and a middle branch attached to the other eight branches. This impressive design mimics the appearance of the Menorah which was placed in the temple. Menorahs on pedestals come in different shapes and structures.


Wall Hanukkiah

For those who light their Hanukkiahs by the window, and for those who like this special look. In the wall Hanukkiah, the candle holders are placed on top of a raised tray, to which a stylishly decorated silver plate is attached.


Chabad Hanukkiah

Appropriate for those who follow Chabad customs. A Chabad Hanukkah Menorah is a type of pedestal Hanukkiah in which the branches are not rounded but rather angular. Chabad has a long tradition of lighting Hanukkah Menorahs in prominent public places all over the world, so the shape of the Chabad Menorah is familiar to many people around the world – even those who are not part of the Jewish tradition.


Small Hanukkiahs

Small Hanukkiahs are especially suitable for those who travel during the holiday, and of course – for Yeshiva guys or young boys who light their own Hanukkiahs.

In addition, Hadad Pure Silver offers a variety of hanukkiahs in various structures, such as diagonal Hanukkiahs arched Hanukkiahs, and many more.


Menorahs Designs

As in any other purchase, the design of the item should be: what design will make you feel the special spirit of Hanukkah? Perhaps a model with a clean modern design that will fit in perfectly in the house? Or maybe a classic, old-fashioned, style-filled design that will connect you to your Jewish tradition?

When it comes to the design of the Hanukkiah, everyone has a different preference. Basically, most people are for looking an item that looks impressive on one hand but has a design loved by the family on the other hand.

For you to be able to find the Hanukkiah you dreamed of, we in Hadad pure silver offer you a huge variety of Hanukkiahs in all styles. We never stop designing new models so every single one who visits our website can find a design that suits his tastes and preferences.

You can easily see our entire collection on our website. The prestigious Barron Hanukkiah, with its classic design, with its stylish decorations and contours, is completely different from the ball bagel Hanukkiah – which includes meticulous geometric patterns and has a unique shape.


Prices of Hanukkiahs

At Hadad pure silver, we value your complete satisfaction.

To be satisfied is, first of all, to know that you made the best choice, a choice that you considered carefully in advance. Therefore, Hadad pure silver offers Hanukkiahs at a wide range of prices, so you can choose a Hanukkiah at a price within your budget.

If you have a large budget and are interested in a luxurious Hanukkiah, you will find a variety of Hanukkiahs in our collections, containing a high percentage of silver and hand-crafted in a precise and calculated manner.

If you have a limited budget, you have a large variety of Hanukkiahs at reasonable prices. Hanukah Menorahs at relatively low prices also come in different sizes and designs.


Hadad’s Pure Silver Website

Our website is easy, user-friendly, and convenient. On the website, you will find all the information about the Hanukkiahs ’details, description, and also transport and delivery times.


How long until the Hanukkiah is delivered?

The answer to this question differs based on the model you ordered on-site. The Hanukkiahs can be divided into three categories: Hanukkiahs available in stock, Hanukkiahs that are in the process of being manufactured and will soon be available in stock, and Hanukkiahs that require a long and complex manufacturing process.

The delivery time for Hanukkiahs available in stock is between 7 and 10 business days.

For Hanukkiahs in the process of production or ongoing production – up to 60 business days.

Hanukkiahs that require a complex manufacturing process the delivery can take up to 120 business days.

Every Hanukkiah is a unique statement: a statement about the holiday, a statement of praise and of poetry, of victory and heroism, of tradition and family… Happy Hanukkah!