Eliyahu cups

According to tradition, we know that the prophet Eliyahu appears every year, on the holiest night of Passover, the night of the Seder, while we ask: pour your birth on the gentiles… before saying these words, we open the door to the prophet Eliyahu and invite him into our homes.

On the night of the Seder it is a mitzvah to drink four cups of wine, and as Eliyahu is our guest on the holiday, it stands to reason that we pour him wine cups as well!

At the center of the table, between Hagadas and nuts, stands an ornate Eliyahu cup, filled to the brim with fine wine. Waiting for the day Eliyahu will come bearing news of salvation.

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 Eliyahu cups – from generation to generation

Eliyahu cups have a special significance in the generational tradition. Many cups have been kept and passed through generations, survived Ghettos, bunkers, and pogroms. Some families choose to use ancient cups that carry heroic tales to lift the spirits within the Eliyahu cups.


In honor of Eliyahu the prophet, remembered fondly

The prophet Eliyahu is one of the greatest prophets, who went up to the skies by storm. Of course, a goblet worthy of a guest such as him, must be an impressive and magnificent goblet like no other.

The ornate cup has the function of beautifying the mitzvah. It beautifies makes the expensive mitzvahs grander to us, as well as the Seder table, the drinking of the four cups, and the expectation for salvation.

At Hadad Pure Silver you can choose from a variety of breathtaking and majestic Eliyahu goblets, referring to stemmed goblets, not wine cups. All the goblets are made of pure silver, fitting a prophet of G-d. The goblets are extra wide and can hold a large amount of wine. A large portion of the goblets are part of the Rehavam collection that includes, of course, pitcher-like goblets. Other goblets are Extra goblets – like Extra Grapes, Extra Imperium Gates, and Extra Menifa, and Extra Fantasy Hammered goblets.

All the goblets are majestically stylized, full of decorations, carvings, improvement, bumps, and engravings. The pitcher shape creates a vintage feel, and with the decorations the results are classic cups, beautiful, and were they not Eliyahu cups they would, undoubtedly, be used by art enthusiasts.


If it’s an investment – only at Hadad Pure Silver

Eliyahu cups are generally high priced, costing between 3,500 NIS to 6,000 and up. This means purchasing one requires a serious investment and a true desire to show reverence to the prophet Eliyahu. Keep in mind, it is possible to select a split payment plan.

You’ve decided to invest the money and purchase an expensive and regal Eliyahu cup? Hadad Pure Silver is the best place to do so. It’s a reliable, experienced, quality brand of luxury hand crafted products, made by the best artist in the industry. You’re investing a large sum, so don’t settle for less.


Club membership

If you are a club member, club 925, you might be entitled to a discount! In addition, club members receive free shipping with an order over 500$. You’ll most certainly enjoy this benefit when purchasing an Eliyahu cup.



If you’re planning on gifting someone an Eliyahu cup, it’s advisable to include a personal message. Your message will be written on a luxury card, and be included in the elegant package.

The night of the Seder is a night of uplifting moments, holy and exalting. The prophet Eliyahu’s visit is one of the evening’s high points. Eliyahu visits only once a year, let us host him the way he deserves! With respect, splendor, and everything we’ve got. May he soon stand on the Temple Mount, and we’ll hear his voice herald: “the time of your salvation has arrived.”