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Hadad Bros is a company that cares about giving you silverware with meaning. With silver kiddush cup sets, you can recite your blessings over your drink to celebrate the holidays or the Shabat and enjoy your time with your family or loved ones.

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Having beautiful silverware (like lighting candles or silver candelabras) can enhance your Jewish celebrations, and that’s something you may want to experience. Thus, if you’re looking for cup sets made of silver for your kiddush prayers, take a look at the models that Hadad Bros offers.


Recite Your Blessings with Silver Kiddush Cup Sets

Reciting blessings is an important part of all Jewish holidays and the Shabat. However, the specific kiddush you say depends on the time of the day and the specific circumstance you’re celebrating, so you have to consult your sacred books to make sure you’re saying the right words.

Friday nights, for example, mark the time for you and your loved ones to recite the kiddush over a full cup of grape juice or wine before you sit down to have the Shabat dinner. Originally, only men could recite it, but now women can participate as well.

Once you recite the kiddush, you have to pass the cup around so everyone can take a sip of it. Since this ritual is so important, many families have a special cup solely for that purpose, which is why you might want to buy one as well.

Silver Kiddush cup sets are specially designed for you to give a new sense of meaning to the reciting of your blessings. You must recite kiddush before saying the blessing over the challah, which is the ‘Hamotzi.’ Thus, there are a lot of details involved in the ritual.


Kiddush Sets – Celebrating Jewish Holidays and the Shabat

The Shabat and other specific days are essential for Jewish tradition. They are the perfect moment to share the faith. Additionally, people can pass knowledge down from one generation to another one. Grandparents can teach their sons and grandsons everything they know, which is why the items you use are essential.

Many families don’t use silver cup sets for their kiddush, but it’s still part of Jewish tradition. Therefore, if you want to follow what has centuries of custom and experience the holidays and the Shabat differently, you might want to get silverware.

Silver Kiddush cup sets are the items you might be looking for to celebrate your next Shabat. As soon as you taste the wine or grape juice in the cup, you might be glad that you bought them to experience something different.

You can follow the traditional Jewish celebrations and use silverware instead of regular cups – all you need to do is check what Hadad Bros can offer you.

Each person and family are unique when it comes to celebrating the Shabat and other holidays, but the faith is shared among every Jewish, regardless of the specific characteristics of their holidays. Thus, get silver kiddush cup sets to accompany you during the next celebrations with Hadad Bros’ options.