Small menorahs

Are you looking for small Hanukkah menorahs? At Hadad Pure Silver, you will find a variety of small menorahs for every need: for yeshiva students, for those who are going out on holiday, and also for those who love small menorahs. Hadad Pure Silver is proud to present small heritage menorahs in the company’s unique technique.

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Why little Hanukkiah Menorahs?

Hanukkiahs have a unique structure. They consist of a base and eight branches, which take up a lot of space. In addition, the cost of such a Hanukkiah is high and can reach up to 10,000 NIS.

Small Hanukkiahs are suitable for those who do not have the extra space and it is easier to transfer. Even those who light their Hanukkiah by the window sometimes prefer small-sized Hanukkiahs that will fit any space.

In addition, small Hanukkiahs are also suitable for those who are not interested in purchasing a permanent Hanukkiah but are interested in a temporary one for the next couple of years. Generally, in such a case we would prefer to avoid heavy financial expenditure and choose a simpler design at a lower price. Yeshiva students and boys who reached the age of mitzvah who are obligated to light the candles themselves, prefer not to spend a large sum on a temporary Hanukkiah, which will be useful only until they get married. The same is true of people who regularly stay with acquaintances or travel during Hanukkah, and still want to carry out the Mitzvah of lighting candles with proper elegance.

And finally, little Hanukkah Menorahs have their own special beauty. The small dimensions help create a warm special atmosphere.


Small Hanukkah Menorahs – only at Hadad pure silver

For us in Hadad pure silver, it is important that you be satisfied. Therefore, we make sure to offer a wide selection of Hannukah Menorahs, which differ in structure, design style, height, and price.


Small Hanukkah Menorahs in all sorts of designs

The artists of Hadad Pure Silver like to challenge themselves and merge contrasting elements. This practice is evident in the fascinating results that show high variance. Thus, you will find small Hanukkah Menorahs in a clean and accurate style – for example, the Paris S Hanukkah Menorah. And other Hanukkah Menorahs that come in a classic, artistic and decorative style – like the Venetian arc Hanukkah Menorah, which is decorated at both ends with matching patterns, and embellished along its entire length. The decorations at the base of this Hanukkah Menorah are classic and traditional.

Small Hanukkah Menorahs with a surprisingly sophisticated structure are the various diagonal Hanukkah Menorahs, like the hammered diagonal Livni Hannukah menorah that combines innovation and traditional design. The Vikal Hanukkah Menorah is also quite innovative and so is the C2 Model.

Browse the website and you will see plenty of shapes, sizes, proportions and dimensions, textures, and decorations in all the different parts of the Hanukkah Menorahs: from the very base to the tip of the candle holders.


Heritage Hanukkah Menorahs: New technology for accessible prices

Hadad pure silver is proud to present luxury Judaica tools made of heritage: high-quality copper with a thick and durable silver coating. Using this unique technology developed by the Hadad brothers, the heritage tools are dipped in a silver bath, giving them a high-quality coating of great thickness. The thick coating allows engraving on the items just as if they were pure silverware.

Hadad’s heritage utensils can be cleaned like regular silverware, and they last just as long as pure silver. A small Hanukkah Menorah from the heritage collection may be an appropriate solution that will enable you to purchase a luxury item at an affordable price. The Mazuz Tzur model, for example, has a creative structure and a luxurious innovated design, all at the price of merely 750 NIS.

At Hadad pure silver, you can find small Hanukkah Menorahs of all kinds, at all prices and in all designs – because for us it is important that you be satisfied. Happy Hanukkah!