Torah Cases & Synagogue items

As is fitting for a ‘small temple’, it is customary to adorn the synagogue with glory and to give it grandeur, just as we do for the Sefer Torah in its sanctuary. The Sefer Torah cover creators at Hadad offer a range of elegant designs in different styles per individual order. You can see the range of designs (around 40) displayed on our site, and request a price quote. Complementary items we offer for gifts or dedications to the synagogue include crowns and Timonium for the Sefer Torah, yad pointers for Torah reading, charity boxes, and more.

The unique devotion to Sefer Torahs and their sanctity has been preserved zealously by the Jewish people for generations, both in Israel and abroad. Hadad produces Sefer Torah covers and ornaments with true religious feeling. Hadad offers Sefer Torah covers by special order, which can be hand-decorated with a dedication in the name of a departed loved one or the person donating the Sefer Torah to the synagogue.

The covers are made from pure silver, silver-dipped copper, lacquered silver plating, and more. In this collection, Hadad produces a range of complementary items for synagogues, such as rimonim, Sefer Torah crowns, yad pointers, and platters for the synagogue.