Silver plates and trays for kiddush

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Kiddush is one of the most important parts of the celebration since it consists of the blessings you recite before passing the wine cup to the rest of the members of your family. Although the specifics of the ritual vary between families, the basics are the same, which is why trays and silver plates are so important.

Some families, for example, prefer drinking grape juice instead of wine. At the same time, women were not originally allowed to recite kiddush, but now they are. Thus, some details of the traditions have changed, but others have stayed the same.

There are other important items you might often use during your Shabat or Jewish holidays, for instance, silver candlesticks and candelabras. However, silver plates and trays for kiddush are an essential part of the rituals.


Reciting Prayers Is One of the Most Important Parts of Jewish Rituals

Jewish celebrations are often very structured, and they include many different parts, especially the Shabat and the holidays. The kiddush refers to all the blessings you recite before sitting down to have the Shabat dinner.

You must pass the cup around once you recite the kiddush. Therefore, many families have a specific cup for that purpose. Traditionally, the goblet or chalice used to be made of silver. Although that’s not mandatory anymore, many people choose to preserve tradition.

At the same time, silver trays and plates are also an important part of the celebration since they’re the items that hold the Shabat food.

If you want to preserve tradition with items that show elegance and respect, you might want to get silverware from Hadad Bros. The silver plates and trays for kiddush can not only embellish your table, but also accompany you during the most important part of your celebration.


These Silver Plates and Trays for Kiddush Preserve Tradition

Some silver trays or plates might be beautiful, but they may not fit the elegance you need during your Shabat or Jewish holidays. If their shape doesn’t fulfill your requirements, you should find different options.

However, Hadad Bros offers beautiful alternatives with great significance. In other words, all the silverware the brand gives you is meant to be the best companion during your holidays or Shabat.

You must have items that work for you, especially if you want to enjoy your celebrations. Hadad Bros has silver plates and trays for kiddush, and their design preserves the best aspects of Jewish tradition.

Stop looking for the best alternatives – beautiful trays and silver plates are available for you now. Each Friday when you have to recite your blessings and celebrate your Shabat, you can use your items to preserve your food. They are a pivotal part of the celebration, so make sure you choose the ones you like the most.