Bride Candlesticks

Pure silver items are often among the most beautiful and durable you can get your hands on. When you’re seeking something for a special wedding event, it’s hard to go wrong with bride candlesticks as a gift.

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The focus today is on silver bride candlesticks, and Haddad Bros offers quite the collection for you to enjoy. Be sure to read through to the end, as you are guaranteed to find something that speaks to you.


A Little Hadad Bros Interlude

Even if you’ve never heard the name, you’ve probably seen many of its creations without even realizing it. The company has been serving the masses for many years, providing some of the best quality silverware items on the market.

The specialties include silver-plated pieces, integrated silverware, and other designs consisting of pure silver. There is quite the feeling of variety present, as designs come from various artists.

If you still have doubts about the kind of name and standard you are dealing with, the Hadad Pure Silver chain stands as the largest producer of pure silverware in the world. You are likely to find its works in numerous institutions worldwide, including Judaica displays, hotels, and synagogues.

Silver bride candlesticks are just the tip of the iceberg when you consider the plethora of silverware gifts available. The expectation is that something in the vast collection is going to speak to your heart.


Silver Bride Candlesticks – The Magnificent Wares

it’s very common to give silver gifts for wedding purposes. If nothing else, the people on the receiving end of such a gift tend to be tremendously excited for an exquisite piece to add to their collections. Throw in the joy that’s typically associated with the wedding on the horizon, and you have outdone yourself.

It just so happens that Haddad Bros has quite the spread of silver bride candlesticks for you to choose from. Height, width, and design variety are present in spades, and you’d be incredibly hard-pressed to find a better value.

A few of the top products in the lineup include the Galil Candlesticks (M)Orbital Candlesticks (M), and Superb Candlesticks. All these are built with quality assurance throughout the entire process, so there is never a need to doubt that you are getting a true sense of value.


Hadad Product Guarantee

One of the pieces of comfort offered to Hadad Bros customers is the product guarantee. You can identify items from the Hadad Pure Silver line through their stamping of the Hadad emblem and 925 sterling.

Customers are offered a lifetime warranty on all items, applying to the soldering of the various elements, as well as the silver’s durability. Therefore, once there is a defect with an item that can be attributed to faulty production, you are entitled to a repair or a replacement.

Note, however, that this only applies once care instructions are followed, the item is used reasonably, and the defect is not a result of the negligence of the customer.