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Hadad Bros is a company with top-quality silverware to accompany all Jewish people during the most important celebrations. The brand offers everything from silver candlesticks to kiddush & wine items, which is very convenient if you’re looking for remarkable items to use throughout the different rituals.

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In many cases, any type of cup, goblet, or candlestick can suffice when you’re practicing your faith. However, it’s customary to use silverware, so you might be interested in what Hadad Bros has to offer if you want to follow all traditions when you’re preparing yourself or your family for the customary rituals.

To honor the mitzvah, Jewish people must recite a kiddush (or blessing), and you may use a silver cup for that. It’s one of the most important parts of the Shabat celebration, which is why the items you use are essential for its completion.


The Significance of the Kiddush

The Torah speaks of two different requirements regarding Shabat: the shamor and zakhor, which means to ‘keep it’ and to ‘remember it.’ Consequently, Jewish law states that the Shabat requires you to pay respects in two ways – you must ‘keep it’ by not doing the 39 forbidden activities, and ‘remember it’ by doing specific arrangements for the kiddush ceremony.

One of the commandments of the Torah includes reciting kiddush before the meal on the eve of Shabat, which means you get to say blessings, and then everyone around the table can drink from the wine on the cup.

Celebrating the Shabat using fine items is as enjoyable as completing the Seder rituals with Passover silver Seder cases. Thus, if you’re looking for top-quality silverware to use during the celebrations, a cup for your kiddush and wine might be the item you want.


Kiddush and Wine Cups – Why They Can Change the Ritual

The kiddush is the blessing you recite to sanctify the Jewish holidays or the Shabat, and this sanctification is done over the wine or the grape juice before the meal.

With kiddush and wine cups made of silver, you can follow all traditions of the Jewish faith as you recite your blessings and prepare yourself and your loved ones for the rest of the day. It’s the perfect item to pour both wine and grape juice, depending on your preferences.

Some traditions vary depending on the community or family you’re in, for example, you may be standing or sitting while reciting the kiddush. At the same time, sometimes, families don’t have silver cups for the blessings, and that mustn’t stop them from reciting the specific passages.

Even so, on most occasions, traditional Jewish people use silver goblets to hold the wine and recite their kiddush, and you could enjoy that moment as well with the products that Hadad Bros offer you.

Silverware may be available to you in different stores, but the kiddush & wine cups by Hadad Bros have meaning behind them. You can use them for your rituals and celebrations and share your faith with your loved ones while you spend time with them.