Silver wine fountains

Kiddush time. The whole family gathers around the Shabbat or holiday table. At Hadad Brothers you can find Kiddush sets for every family and event, and in every style; Kiddush cups and matching holders, wine pourers, special Kiddush sets for the groom at the Shabbat chatan, a range of integrated sets of wine decanters and cups, and more.

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every fountain is a dreamy and magical thing, and wine has always been a symbol of abundance and festivity. A wine fountain is a fairy tale of beauty, magic, wealth, merriment – in a word it can be summed up as regal.

Not to mention how excited children are at the wonder unfolding! (How does the wine get to the spout dad? How does it know exactly how to reach the cup?). The fountain had the ability to make everyone happy, and a small fountain on the table is a heart-warming wonder. It would not be outlandish of us to say that wine fountains make a Shabbat table fit for royalty.


Fountains instead of pouring

When it comes to wine fountains, besides the aesthetic charm, there is a sizable practical benefit: there’s no need to pour.

  • The wine remains clean, no one has touched it
  • By not pouring out 12 individual small cups time and energy are saved.
  • Spills are avoided (Oy, the white tablecloth!)
  • Everyone gets the wine together
  • Passing out the wine to each person by the table is quick and easy, as Hadad Pure Silver’s wine fountains come with small wheels for a quicker serve.


Wine fountains – important elements

When it comes to buying wine fountains and almost any item for your home, there are 3 important parameters: quality, comfort, and design. 



Hadad Pure Silver is home to quality silver dishes since 1964. Today, as the world’s largest company for silver dishes, quality standards are kept in a way only large corporations can afford.

That means all our products, including wine fountains, last for years, while protected from harm, erosion, unbending and non-fading.


Comfort: the right user experience

Hadad Pure Silver sees wine fountains not just as amazing showpieces, but mainly a useful object in a Jewish household. During Shabbat we enjoy serving wine without strain.

Easy to use: pouring wine in the intended place. The pouring receptacle is comfortable and the fountain responds immediately.

Easy to clean: a wine fountain is a complicated device that regularly gets dirty from wine. There is a need to clean the device without damaging it or making it complicated… so, Hadad Pure Silver is intent on keeping the correct structure for the wine fountains, making them relatively easy to clean.



The crowning glory of Hadad Pure Silver: artistic design. Every product is a creation.

All of our wine fountains are meticulously designed, from the cups to the pouring receptacle. Their special shape is inspired by real fountains across the world, and they are characterized by many different design and decorative elements, by the best artists. 


Wine fountains – in a wide price range

 Hadad Pure Silver’s mission: a wide price range that allows every person to invest according to their budget, needs, and personal taste.


*Examples of different price ranges


*Prices change from time to time 

As seen, you can browse different price ranges that can fit varying budget limitations.

Hadad Pure Silver is proud to offer an amazing selection of beautiful and high-quality wine fountains that make a royal table out of your Shabbat table. And the price? All the options are laid out before you, in all prices, sizes, and styles. So, which one is your wine fountain?