Mayim achronim

From the moment Shabbat begins until it ends, for every ritual and tradition there is a tailored silver gift which can adorn the Shabbat table and the home. At Hadad Brothers you will find candlesticks and candelabras for lighting Shabbat candles, Kiddush cups & goblets, hand-washing cups for before meals and other water vessels for after. For the Shabbat table we offer challah boards and knives, salt cellars, napkin holders and platters for hamotzi. At the end of Shabbat, we separate between the holy Sabbath and the week ahead by making a blessing over wine, spices and the light of a flame. In addition to wine cups for Havdalah, Hadad has stylish Havdalah sets including candle holders and spice holders to be passed around the members of the family with the blessing over the spices.

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Mayim achronim – What is the mitzvah?

In Judaism, water is a purifying force. This is why, before we eat a feast with bread – “Hamotzi”, we wash our hands, so we can eat with cleanliness. At the end of the feast, before the post meal blessing, we wash our hands once again with mayim achronim, so we can bless with purity. The grace after meals has a unique power to grant a good living with honor, as is said “You open your hand, and satisfy the desire of every living thing.”


Mayim achronim on Shabbat – why?

  • On the holy Shabbat everything is festive. It is less festive to wash hands from a plastic cup into a soup bowl. A pure silver mayim achronim set is a real honoring of Shabbat.
  • On Shabbat there are guests! And when it comes to guests… we spare no expense.
  • Shabbat is the source of the blessing, and the entire week I affected by the Shabbat preceding it. That’s why, specifically on Shabbat it is appropriate to especially honor the mitzvah of washing our hands with mayim achronim and the grace after meals, the symbol of blessing and livelihood.
  • And let’s talk about the silver pieces that fill up the table anyway! A delight for the eyes, and joy for the soul. Real Jewish beauty from every corner: from the wine and Kiddush tools, to the instruments and tray for the challah and salt… the entire is covered in gorgeous silver pieces, and now when we’ve reached the end of the feast is the time to finish properly and wash our hands in fancy silver dishes, as is appropriate and worthy for the Shabbat table. 


Pure silver dishes for mayim achronim – a work of art

Hadad Pure Silver is not just any store that has silver pieces for sale. As the largest manufacturer of silver pieces and Judaica in the world, Hadad Pure Silver employs highly acclaimed artists the design each item with love, as a work of art that is not dependent on use. But in addition to the aesthetic qualities, the practical aspect is not neglected for a second. 


So, what does a mayim achronim set for Shabbat by Hadad Pure Silver include?

  • Stability. A wide base, made of reenforced and condensed silver, balance between the weight of the cup and the weight of the stand, while allowing for the weight of the water intended to fill the cup (and after that the stand). Preventing falls, scratches, and other types of damage.
  • Practical application, the lip of the cup is intended for an easy and focused pour of water into the stand. A comfortable handle allowing full control.
  • Designer style. Each set with its own outline, each set and its own unique modeling that turns it into a work of art. All are eye grabbing, full of taste and style. Too beautiful to be ignored.


For people who love people

 For perfect hosting

There nothing like guests for Shabbat! Anyone who like people enjoys hosting. When you host, there’s no such thing as “Too much”. That’s because we want to pamper our guests the most. So don’t get up, it’s all fine, sit comfortably and a mayim achronim set for Shabbat will come straight to you. In honor of the Shabbat guests, we also like being extra elegant and elevate the table to its most festive.


 For a pampering gift

Is there anything more to say about people who like to give? A gift can be a symbol for giving, uplifting, a perk, a show of appreciation, a perk, something from the heart, or as a show of taking part in joy/ celebration.


So, why do you want to give? And what do you want to express? 

  • A show of thanks and appreciation – a luxurious gift indicates effort, and says “we thank you from the bottom of our hearts and appreciate you greatly, so we’ve invested appropriately.”
  • In order to uplift and bring joy – “beautiful tools expand the mind of men”. It is true that this was said about a beautiful woman and a beautiful house, but those are admittedly harder to gift someone as a present.
  • To pamper and show respect – it’s best to gift someone something that they wouldn’t spend on for themselves, but anyone would enjoy. Something special, that someone could manage without having but is fun to actually have!
  • To take part in a joyful event – a wedding, a birth, and so on – well, what else it there to say. Such circumstances require a gift that signifies festivity and plenty, so that the joy lasts forever.

A mayim achronim set for Shabbat by Hadad Pure Silver is the perfect gift for any occasion, for any reason.

Mayim achronim for Shabbat by Hadad Pure Silver – to adorn the Shabbat table, and glorify the grace after meals. In addition, it serves as a sight to behold. In honor of the holy Shabbat.