Silver tray for candles

So, you have candlesticks or a candelabra – now it’s time to pick! traysCandlesticks, by nature, are delicate and expensive instruments. They include fragile pieces, and of course, lit candles. In order to maintain the utmost stability and avoid any danger of falling, it is important to make sure they have a high quality and stable base.

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Trays for candle lighting – not just sturdy

Not just sturdiness. Trays for candle lighting organize all the pieces needed for lighting candles: the candlesticks, matchboxes, and blessing set, and thus add to an organized and efficient lighting experience, and create the complete set look.

In addition, the tray creates an outline the separates the candlesticks from the rest of the table, and thus accentuates the majestic image. The candlelight reflecting off the shiny trays creates a breathtaking sight, spreading the beautiful light in every direction.


Only at Hadad Pure Silver – Moreshet trays

You’ve invested a lot in candlesticks, let yourself enjoy lower prices with candle lighting trays! The trays at Hadad Pure Silver belong to the Moreshet series. Some of the are made exclusively of Moreshet and some combine Moreshet with wood.


What is the Moreshet series?

The “Moreshet” series is a series exclusive to the Hadad company. The series was developed by us to provide a solution for buying fancy display pieces that are affordable at anyone’s budget. Basically, Moreshet items are made of copper. The copper is, of course, prime and high quality. The products undergo a multi layered coating, in a unique silver bath dipping technique. The coating is especially thick and tough, so there is no need for you to worry about its durability. Moreshet products are created by Jewish artist in Israel, so they are not required to be purified. The series includes many items, and among them are also candle lighting trays.

When it comes to candle lighting trays, choosing Moreshet items are particularly recommended, and not spending a fortune on a pure silver dish. A tray after all is a practical item, and not just a decorative one by itself, so such a high price to pay is not necessarily justified. In addition, Moreshet trays are sturdy, thick, and particularly strong, and appropriate to use as trays.

The trays can be cleaned exactly the same way as the rest of the silverware.



Trays for candle lighting are basic by nature, they don’t steal focus and mainly serve as a frame. That being said, it’s important that they match the fancy and designed look of the candlesticks, and don’t look mismatched! Therefore, we at Hadad offer extraordinary yet minimal designs, the mainly focus on the frame of the tray. The tray itself is flat, slightly lower than the frame itself, and it is of course level and sturdy.

There are trays with a full frame, around every side. The frames are minimalistic yet artistic, dainty, and beautiful. The frames protrude slightly in comparison to the center that dips slightly.

On many trays the frame covers only the sides, while along the tray all the parts of the candlestick are visible, including the base. The “half frame” is adorned with decorations and stylized engravings, in a sophisticated and modern look. Some of these trays incorporate silver on wood, a look that utilizes the contrast and underlines the shining effect of the silver. If you are a fan of the chess style, for example, you can choose between a Moreshet tray or a combined wood tray. The combined tray comes in two sizes.

It’s advisable to choose a tray that will match the candlesticks you’ve purchased: if they are candlesticks with a wide base and many decorations, an “open” tray would be best, one that is not fully framed, so that the bases could be enjoyed without interruption. If they are candlesticks with a tall base, or smoother, you could of course choose a fully framed tray. The size of the tray must fit as well, and it’s important that you make sure the candlesticks aren’t “crowded” inside. Take into account the matchbox and candle lighting blessing: they must also fit comfortably. That being said, a tray that’s too big will make the candlesticks seem small. It’s important to check and make sure that you pick a tray that’s the right size.



As with the rest of their products, Hadad offers a lifetime warranty also on Moreshet items, candle lighting trays included. Of course, terms and conditions apply.

Candle lighting trays complete the candle lighting sets, and provide a sturdy and appropriate frame. The Hadad Pure Silver candle lighting trays provide the much needed elegant and designed sets, in a clean and regak style, and prices that don’t require redundant spending.