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From the moment Shabbat begins until it ends, for every ritual and tradition there is a tailored silver gift which can adorn the Shabbat table and the home. At Hadad Brothers you will find candlesticks and candelabras for lighting Shabbat candles, Kiddush cups & goblets, hand-washing cups for before meals and other water vessels for after. For the Shabbat table we offer challah boards and knives, salt cellars, napkin holders and platters for hamotzi. At the end of Shabbat, we separate between the holy Sabbath and the week ahead by making a blessing over wine, spices and the light of a flame. In addition to wine cups for Havdalah, Hadad has stylish Havdalah sets including candle holders and spice holders to be passed around the members of the family with the blessing over the spices.

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Challah trays – It’s all in the presentation

They say presentation is half of the experience, and the right presentation is one that creates the impression and the taste. When it comes to a Shabbat feast – no argument here. A Shabbat or holiday table that’s set correctly needs very little effort.

Good, simple food that’s served beautifully can be much more compelling that fancy courses served on a disorganized table lacking taste and harmony. A pure silver Hadad challa tray will make you, and your table, look extraordinary. 


Part of a set

The Jewish holiday table and Shabbat table are elevated with a set of silver dishes. In any house the head of the table gets special attention thanks to its important role – the pieces used for the wine and kiddush adorn it with pure silver, next to the instruments for the challa – the challah tray, knife, and salt shaker.

All of these pieces make up a silver set for the challa, the most dominant between them being the challah tray.


The function of the challah tray

A challah tray with pure silver

  • Defines the section of the table dedicated to the challa, on the aesthetic level and the practical level: crumbs can reach up to this section, from here on – clean
  • Incorporates the other challa instruments, highlights them and creates a full set
  • Merges with the kiddush pieces and emphasizes their presence
  • Enables the slicing of the challa while keeping the table clean
  • Celebrates the Shabbat table 

A challah tray made with elegance and incorporating pure silver is a prime way to fulfill “This is my G-d, and I will praise him” (Exodus 15), and keep the Jewish tradition, which upholds the beauty and grandeur of the Shabbat and holiday table.


A feast – it’s not just about the food

A holiday or Shabbat feast is not just about food, it’s about much more than that. It’s when everyone finally sits together. It’s when everyone comes together to sing, share biblical discourse, relish the physical and spiritual abundance, and feel like royalty.

Silverware, like a challah tray, is the appropriate way to experience glory, splendor, beauty, and royalty. 


The Hadad Bros. pure silver challah tray

Our challa trays are defined by one word, subtlety.

Subtle, clean, modern designs. The creation process of the trays was lead along those lines. They are simply breathtaking, and appeal to everyone – with their quiet, regal style. 


Shine, more than fine – integrating silver

All of Hadad Bros. Pure Silver challa trays are made of a combination of silver and wood. All of Hadad Bros. Pure Silver challa trays are beautiful. Our conclusion: the combination of wood and silver equals beauty.

This small, formal operation is easy to do, but there is no need. You can simply browse and get an impression from the pictures on the site or visit our store. The combination of wood, solid and deep, and silver, pale and clear, will not leave you indifferent.


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Challa trays by Hadad Pure Silver. The finest quality, most beautiful, best value. All you have to do is browse the catalog, fall in love with our magical and fine designs and choose the tray that speaks to you.