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A little bit about the importance of the Mitzvah of Havdalah – the weekly parting from Shabbat


We fulfil the Havdalah mitzvah at the end of the Shabbat and other holy days. The wording of the Havdalah blessing is said on a cup of wine or a cup of grape juice. The words of the blessing are: “Blessed are you, O Lord our G-d king of the world, that distinguishes between sanctity and day, between light and dark, between Israel and other peoples, between the seventh day to the six days of labor. Blessed are you O Lord that distinguishes between sanctity and day”. At the end of the Shabbat, we also bless on the lighting of a candle and the smelling of spices. The use of the silver spices and Havdalah dishes is customary in all of the Jewish diaspora, in order to show respect and honor to the mitzvah. 


The essence of the Mitzvah of Havdalah


The mitzvah of Havdalah is extracted from the passage: “Remember the day of the Shabbat for its sanctity”, the meaning being that the Shabbat should be remembered in its coming and its going. In its coming – it is remembered by the Kiddush, and in its going – by the Havdalah. The function of the mitzvah of Havdalah is to distinguish and separate between the sanctity of Shabbat and the more secular nature that characterizes the rest of the week.



What is the order of the Havdalah and the end of Shabbat?


It begins with the reciting of passages and prayers for the success for the coming week, after which we bless the blessing of “the grapevine” on the wine, followed by blessing the smelling of the spices. Why is the smelling of spices a fixture at the end of Shabbat? In essence it is because at the end of Shabbat the persons soul, given to the, graciously by the creator of earth on Shabbat, leaves the body, and in order to restore the Jewish soul, the mitzvah is to smell a good scent.

In addition, it is customary to bless the light of fire. In essence this is because the first man received the knowledge of fire creation at the end of Shabbat. The custom is to raise the hands during the blessing, and look at the fingernails on the hands. 

At the next stage the person leading the Havdalah blesses the blessings of the Havdalah, and lastly, he drinks the wine. 


Why is it customary to use pure silver instruments for the spices and Havdalah?


An important mitzvah is to beautify the mitzvot. Just as it is a mitzvah to bless a handsome etrog on the holiday of Sukkot, and to decorate the Sefer Torah, so is the mitzvah to make the holy ceremonial instruments beautiful and regal. When using beautiful instruments to fulfil the mitzvot we advertise that we personally enjoy and like them, and that we’re not just preforming them out obligation as a normalized habit.

Silver is a regal and impressive metal, that can be melted and shaped in to every possible shape. There is an entire branch of Judaica art that deals only is Havdalah and spice dishes made of silver. You can find silver dishes and pieces that have been preserved through generations at Judaica museums around the world.


What does a Hadad Pure Silver Havdalah and spices dish set include?


A Hadad Brothers Havdalah set includes a tall and impressive container for the spice to be stored in – cloves or other kind of plants with pleasant smells. In addition, the is also an impressive instrument for holding the Havdalah candle that continues the same glorious design pattern. The Hadad Brothers silver Havdalah and spice dishes are designed in an eye grabbing fashion, including gentle engravings and professional hammerings.


To broaden the knowledge: what in the cost of silver dishes for Havdalah and spices?


The price of a single Havdalah set by the Hadad Brothers starts at 1,561 shekels. The main factor influencing the price is the height of the dishes and their weight. Some of the sets offered on the Hadad Pure Silver site weigh 190 grams and their length is 19.5 centimeters, such as the London Ball Havdalah Set, and others are really huge, and can go up to 450 grams in weight and 25.5 centimeters in height, like the Giant Gates Havdalah Set.

A wedding day is a most exciting and emotional day, where a couple inaugurate their home and go on to build a habitat for dwelling. On this occasion the man lays claim as the authority over the house as the head of the household and he is the one to preform Havdalah at the end of every Shabbat and holy day. The silver Havdalah and spice dishes are a very impressive gift, that can be used as a breathtaking decoration in the Jewish home’s display case, in addition to practically serving the couple very often.

The Hadad Brothers silver Havdalah and spice dishes – the ideal gift for a wedding.

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Hadad Bros is one of the few examples of a store that offers you silverware with meaning. Your Jewish celebrations are important, so you need items that represent you and let you share your faith. The silver havdalah set might be what you’re looking for if you want to experience something different in your following Shabat rituals.

As a member of a Jewish family, you might understand how important it is to buy silver lighting candles or silver kiddush sets. Nonetheless, since you have to celebrate Shabat every week, getting a Havdalah set made of silver might be just as essential, especially if you want to follow all traditions.


The Ideal Silver Set to Celebrate Your Shabat’s End

You need to follow specific steps when you celebrate different Jewish holidays and perform rituals. Each day is equally important to share your faith with your family and guarantee that you’re passing the knowledge down from one generation to another.

The Shabat, for example, has its ending when you celebrate the Havdalah, which is why it’s so essential to have a beautiful set while you’re performing the rituals. In that moment, you’re marking the end of the week and the beginning of a new one, so you have to recite blessings and different prayers.


Follow each aspect of traditional rituals

Although some families don’t use a silver set during their Havdalah, if you want to follow each aspect of traditional rituals, you should get silverware. Thus, Hadad Bros offers you fantastic alternatives with a meaning behind them since the items have a beautiful, elegant, and simple design that perfectly works with your Jewish celebrations.

Celebrating your Havdalah means you require different items, so you might want to buy a silverware set to guarantee you get them all. Fortunately, Hadad Bros has an alternative that could be what you’ve always wanted.


Why the Silver Havdalah Set Might Be for You

The ritual of Havdalah has different parts, and each one of them is essential if you want to properly welcome the start of your new week. You need, for example, a silver cup, a spice container, and a small dish.

At the same time, the items have a different meaning depending on what you need them for. When you drink from the silver cup, for example, the process is somewhat similar to reciting the kiddush.

Overall, celebrating Jewish traditions can be a beautiful and enjoyable experience if you have the right items to perform your rituals. On the other hand, if you’re missing your cup or spice container, you may not be able to complete the celebrations.

Hadad Bros is a brand that stands out due to the beautiful items that offer all Jewish families. Thus, you don’t have to look anywhere else. You can find the ideal silver Havdalah set to use during the end of your Shabat.

All Jewish celebrations are important. Therefore, you need the proper silverware for each of them. However, the Havdalah has a special place in many people’s weekly routines, so make sure you get a silver set soon.