Silver liquor cups

Kiddush time. The whole family gathers around the Shabbat or holiday table. At Hadad Brothers you can find Kiddush sets for every family and event, and in every style; Kiddush cups and matching holders, wine pourers, special Kiddush sets for the groom at the Shabbat chatan, a range of integrated sets of wine decanters and cups, and more.

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Shabbat feasts – some kind of heaven

Oh, what an anticipated moment. A whole week has passed since, and the anticipation is definitely justified… the Shabbat feast. The whole family gathers around a gloriously set table, everyone wearing Shabbat clothes. Songs rise in the air, delicious foods and sweet sermons are said.

In between, liqueurs set at the center of the table are sampled. These wine bottles may be a point of contention but liqueurs are a different story. Her mom also has a taste, so do the girls and the children. Everyone is happy to enjoy a fine, delectable beverage.


For every group or circle

Liqueurs were historically drunk all over the world. Jews in Poland and Russia made theirs extra sweet and called it “schnapps”, and in North Africa it was a little bit spicier. The concentrated taste that stings the tongue a little bit has become known and beloved around the world and all the Jewish diaspora.

Today almost every family drinks liquor every Shabbat. It has become a staple of the Shabbat table, just like challa and fish.


Good things come in small packages

Hadad Pure Silver believes that small never means less. Sometimes it means more. For example, liqueur cups.

Our liqueur cups are:

  • Meticulously designed
  • Come in a wide selection of styles
  • Match wine glasses
  • Small but 100% sturdy! They don’t tip
  • Suited manufacturing, so the cups don’t affect the liqueur flavor or anything else you might be drinking
  • There is a personal engraving option for all the cups
  • Exquisite for a meaningful gift


Liqueur goblets fit for all

Hadad Pure Silver strives to achieve their goal of every customer finding exactly what they are looking for. The product, style, price, size, and any other detail.

The diversity and variety between models can be seen in the liqueur cups as well. The variety is intentional and is born of the understanding that everyone has their own requirements and personal taste.

Thus, our liqueur cups can be found with or without a stem, in a sleek design or modeled in a classic or modern fashion. For example, a set of six liqueur goblets Tuscany have stems, while the six liqueur goblets Argento set does not.


Experience the liqueurs of old, in the present

The Hadad Bros. website offers a quick, efficient, and safe purchase. You can easily browse the goblets in the catalog, and choose your favorite ones.

Click the chosen item to find out more details, including price, estimated delivery time, and other details just as important such as – does this model come in another size?


Small, Silver, Shiny

Liqueur cups, all around the table. The drinking experience in fancy cups matches the luxurious taste everybody is enjoying, and makes for a much more festive Shabbat meal. With the whole family, in a harmony of flavors. Cheers, and Shabbat Shalom!