Songs for shabbat

From the moment Shabbat begins until it ends, for every ritual and tradition there is a tailored silver gift which can adorn the Shabbat table and the home. At Hadad Brothers you will find candlesticks and candelabras for lighting Shabbat candles, Kiddush cups & goblets, hand-washing cups for before meals and other water vessels for after. For the Shabbat table we offer challah boards and knives, salt cellars, napkin holders and platters for hamotzi. At the end of Shabbat, we separate between the holy Sabbath and the week ahead by making a blessing over wine, spices and the light of a flame. In addition to wine cups for Havdalah, Hadad has stylish Havdalah sets including candle holders and spice holders to be passed around the members of the family with the blessing over the spices.

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Songs for Shabbat pleasure

The holy Shabbat. The whole family sits around a table set with delicacies. The high light of the Shabbat though, is no doubt the Shabbat songs.

Shabbat songs are an ancient custom. There are many songs written by Rabbi Elazar “HaKalir”, whose identity is heavily debated. There are some who claim that he is Rabbi Elazar Ben Arach, one of the Tannaim, and others who place him in later periods, after the second temple destruction. Either way, there’s no doubt that Shabbat songs are an old tradition that is deeply rooted in all Hebrew communities.


Song book holders with pure silver

The song and blessing books, with Shabbat songs written within them, are an inseparable of the Shabbat table setting. Just like small holy books, these too are designed with majesty and bound with quality leather.

In order to keep them for a long period of time there is a need for a specialized song book holder, as the Shabbat table is known for being heavy with many different dishes that are famous for their incredible ability to leave stains on anything they come in to contact with… and of course song books are not objects that can be washed and cleaned in the sink. When song books get dirty, it’s simply over for them.

The solution: a song book holder. And if it is already standing on the table, offering ornate songs for anyone interested – it is not advisable to stray away from the festive style of the rest of the table. How can we do this? Only a song book holder made with the use of silver by Hadad Pure Silver.


Hadad Bros. song book holders

Here you’ll find song book holders with silver integration. We say a big yes when in comes to silver integration, and here are some of the up sides that makes it a favorite:

  • It’s absolutely fabulous, there’s nothing to do about that. It’s impossible to ignore the contrast that is created between the shine of the cold clean silver and the deep dark shade of the leather.
  • The smooth hard texture of silver adds another effect of contrasts against the relative softness of the leather.
  •  The price is pure fun. All the effects of silver: the majesty, the magnificence, the luxury.  All this at a fair price for any person, starting at 364 shekels.
  • A perfect match between the holder and the song books themselves: while the songs (or song books) are bound with leather and have a silver engraving on the front, the holder is made of a leather base with a silver slate. This creates perfect harmony, and when it comes to songs… harmony is important.

Now, who do you want to buy a gift for?

If you are looking for a present for the in-laws, your parents, an engaged couple, your nice boss, a medical professional who helped you out a lot – there you go you’ve found it. A perfect gift because its – 

  • Luxurious and a recognized brand name
  • Useful and pampering
  • Beautiful and magnificent
  • And easily transportable


Product sourcing details

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The expected delivery date changes in accordance to the availability of each of the products in stock. For your convenience, here is a small chart summarizing delivery time by availability in stock.

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Hadad Pure Silver does its best to make sure all of the products get to you at the quickest possible speed.

“Each and every weed has its own special song”. Singing in Judaism is the language of the soul. When singing Shabbat songs we rise to another dimension, and touch the secret of the holiness of Shabbat. Hadad Pure Silver offers songs for Shabbat that are harmony, beauty, and nobility.