Silver Kiddush Goblet

Kiddush time. The whole family gathers around the Shabbat or holiday table. At Hadad Brothers you can find Kiddush sets for every family and event, and in every style; Kiddush cups and matching holders, wine pourers, special Kiddush sets for the groom at the Shabbat chatan, a range of integrated sets of wine decanters and cups, and more.

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Blessed be He…

Kiddush time. All the members of the family are quiet, and only the father’s voice can be heard. Telling of the world that was created in six days, of the creator who rested on the seventh day and made it holy and exalted. Silver goblet in hand, upon which he blesses the special day. Soon the family will all sit down to a wonderful feast, now there are only the Kiddush words and the adorned goblet.

So many traditions and customs involve a Kiddush and a goblet! Who doesn’t know of an ancient goblet interwoven with a wonderful tale of bravery that’s been passed down through generations of a family?

Goblets are one of the Shabbat symbols, next to the candles, the challa, and the wine bottle. It is also a very popular gift for a groom, symbolizing his transformation to a head of a family. There can be debating Shas, or forgoing a wristwatch, but you’ll find goblets in all circles and backgrounds and with all types of grooms.


Our goblets fitted to your taste

Hadad Pure Silver’s goblets are much more than standard silver goblets. These are beautiful goblets, in unique designs, hammered by hand. Each engraving done with a loving hand; each etching done with great thought.

No groom will leave Hadad Pure Silver without finding the object of his desire, and every couple will find a goblet fitting their specific taste. Here we have all the design elements in all styles, and every style has a number of different models, so that you can choose the perfect one among them.


So, how do you choose the perfect one between all the goblets?

They are all beautiful, all high quality, and almost all of them are made of pure silver… how do you pick the perfect goblet – one that you’ll enjoy, G-d willing, for the rest of your life?


Here are a few useful tips

Self-awareness – think ahead about your options. This includes your budget range, and other options – such as, the amount of maintenance the goblet requires. Are you the cleaning type, who can invest time in meticulously cleaning a goblet covered in etchings and reliefs? If the answer is no, maybe you’d better avoid choosing this type of goblet altogether. Do you keep the fourths custom set by Hazon Ish? If so, you would have to choose a goblet that’s big enough. Do you have a lot of space to hold goblets? If not, try to aim for smaller sized goblets.

Gradual elimination – don’t try to find the perfect goblet right off the bat. First of all, you know what you don’t want. There will be goblets that simply won’t speak to you, something about the shape or build might just not be your style. There are goblets that won’t fit you for different reasons, and that’s exactly why we recommended you be aware: fourths custom, level of commitment to maintenance, and of course, available price range. In addition, if you have your heart set on a pure silver goblet you can cross out all the goblets made of Moreshet.


There, you’ve already narrowed down your options significantly.

Now, continue the elimination process. Out of the remaining goblets, there are better and worse looking ones. Mark the ones you find more beautiful. Usually, between every design style, you’ll find one or two goblets that’ll reach the top of your list. Perhaps harder would be to choose between two of the best-looking goblets from two different styles.

You could open a few goblet options simultaneously in different search windows. Afterwards, make the display settings smaller, and look at all of them side by side. This will help you understand what you really like the most.

Open mindedness – you shouldn’t necessarily pick a preferred design style ahead of time. People will sometimes come with the intention of buying the slickest, cleanest looking goblet, only to second guess themselves when they stumble upon an ornate, eye grabbing, stylized goblet… so come open minded, with the intention to take it all in. Using the gradual elimination system, you’ll choose your favorite of each style and reach the final option in the most informed way.


Our collections

Hadad Pure Silver offers no less than 5 wide collections of goblets. Each collection is characterized by singular goblet build, and every collection has many models with varying design styles. 

Italy collection – a relatively narrow base, tall stem, and a narrow, tall cup with minimal borders. The cup itself is reminiscent in shape to a stemless wine glass. There are also Extra Italy goblets, characterized by a rounder build, creating dents along the cups, and rounded and wider bases.

David collection – classic wide base design, with a three-part stem: one attached to the base, one ball shaped bump in the middle, and a third part attached to the cup. The cup has wide edges and a bell-like shape.

The new Hakerem collection – a surprising collection with a particularly modern and sophisticated build: round base, flat and wide, above is a stem adorned with a ring-shaped design that stands out from the center, and finally a strong, roll-shaped cup, almost not widening at all. This unique built got the name Kerem because it is particularly appropriate for drinking wine. It allows for a comfortable grip and creates a designated and luxurious look.

Fantasy collection – a magnificent build, including a wide, tall base, a particularly narrow stem that widens to meet the cup, that has a wide lip sinking inward in diagonal lines. The goblets are refined with a slew of decorations and etchings top to bottom.

Rehavam collection – a comparably large build with many decorations along the base and the cup. The base itself is wide and slightly elevated, the stem is designed classically, and the cup is pitcher-like, round and wide on the bottom and the edges and narrow at its center.

In addition, you can browse the Isaiah, Zechariah, and Shmuel goblets.


Hadad Pure Silver – Art and Professionalism

All of the Hadad Pure Silver goblets are created with love while adhering to high standards. The thickness of the cups and the equilibrium between the goblet parts are especially important, to maintain the stability of the goblets. In addition, the thickness allows for engraving names or inscriptions on the goblet. Our Moreshet goblets can also be engraved upon without fear of damaging the silver plating. You can buy a goblet for a Bar Mitzvah or a newborn and have a personal inscription engraved on it. When the time comes, he could use it as a Pesach goblet.

In order to keep enjoying the special shine, maintenance is required. Hadad Pure Silver gives you a lifetime guarantee on all its products. Our goblets will accompany you for many years… Lechaim!