Washing cups

The washing of hands is a mitzvah that signifies abundance. The washing cup is filled with plenty of water, to show the sign of the blessing. We at Hadad Pure Silver joined together the abundance of hand washing with the pleasure and majesty of a Shabbat meal, and created pure silver washing cups that are the epitome of plentiful celebration.

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A washing cup that creates an atmosphere

A Shabbat meal is not only a feast for the body, it is also a feast for the soul. What do we mean?

The familiar environment, inner warmth, Shabbat songs, and new interpretation of the Torah that are said around the table – all of these transform the seemingly materialistic experience to a spiritually significant experience. Shabbat is celebration, majesty, and fulfillment. Pure silver washing cups immerse us in this very special atmosphere. They have everything: the generosity and plenty of luxury and the upholding of the mitzvah, the festivity that only pure silver can accomplish, and winning majesty that comes with the shapes and designs.

Before the food and long after it: Kiddush, hand washing – we are deep in the pleasure of Shabbat.


The glory of Hadad

Hadad Pure Silver is proud of its catalogue of artists that work for it to design the different silver pieces. As first-class artists each one of them maintains their unique style and leaves their personal, innovative, and pure designing mark on each creation.  In thinking of every detail, a subtle, tasteful, luxurious, and glorious design comes into creation.

During the holy Shabbat there are 2 mitzvahs – 1. Shabbat pleasure and – 2. Shabbat respect. These mitzvahs were performed in great prestige by Jewish across generations and across settlements around the world. Shabbat pleasure and Shabbat respect in one place – is only achieved with the use of luxurious silver pieces, such as pure silver washing cups for Shabbat, that have the glory of Hadad. 


Pure silver washing cups for Shabbat – a wide range of stylistic designs

The different designs aim to create a wealth of preferences, a variety of styles. This is in order to satisfy the precise taste of each and every costumer, as is the saying “just as their faces are different, so are their opinions.”

Among other things, you can find in our selection sleek and smooth designs, making a statement that is itself pure silver; stylized designs in a variety of extensions and ornaments, making a more artistic statement. Shapes and textures, abstract or highly detailed, modern and classic, integrations of gold decorations and of embossments on the washing cups, and many more rich and surprising element varieties. 


Those who wash and those who give

There is a mitzvah instructing to wash hands, and a mitzvah to give. Simply give to others.

So, if you want to give, why not give a Shabbat washing cup as a present? Not as a present, as the perfect present.


How do you give a present that’s worthy and worthwhile?

To achieve this, you must choose a product that is:

  • Surprising and original
  • High quality
  • Breath taking in its beauty
  • Pampering and not obvious
  • Leaves you wanting more
  • Impressive and luxurious
  • Useful
  • Appropriate for anyone

In short, a Shabbat washing cup made from pure silver. 


Why is it also worthwhile?

  • A range of attractive prices that are affordable for everyone.
  • When you give you always receive: connection, love, friendship, gratefulness – and the gift of giving.
  • The perfect solution for any person who likes to pamper and be pampered.


According to some the mitzvah originating from The Bible is to respect and please the Shabbat. Across every generation Jews have honored the Shabbat with luxurious silver pieces: from Kiddush instruments and including dishes for the feast.

A pure silver washing cup for Shabbat – magnificence and luxury that are fit only for the holy Shabbat. As a sign of blessings and bounty, and then glorious mitzvah. In honor of the holy Shabbat!


Abundance meets festivity

From the moment Shabbat begins until it ends, for every ritual and tradition there is a tailored silver gift which can adorn the Shabbat table and the home. At Hadad Brothers you will find candlesticks and candelabras for lighting Shabbat candles, Kiddush cups & goblets, hand-washing cups for before meals and other water vessels for after. For the Shabbat table we offer challah boards and knives, salt cellars, napkin holders and platters for hamotzi. At the end of Shabbat, we separate between the holy Sabbath and the week ahead by making a blessing over wine, spices and the light of a flame. In addition to wine cups for Havdalah, Hadad has stylish Havdalah sets including candle holders and spice holders to be passed around the members of the family with the blessing over the spices.