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Candle lighting for Shabbat and holidays is a special time in Jewish ritual. The candle lighting pieces we offer as gifts for the women and girls of the family include stylish candlesticks and candelabras, candle holders and elegant candle lighting sets.

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Kabbalat Shabbat

The candle lighting mitzvah is a positive commandment (mitzvot aseh), and the blessing is a special one. The blessing has a special meaning: during the blessing the woman accepts the Shabbat onto her. Therefore, first the mitzvah is fulfilled and the candles are lit, and only then is the blessing said, as candle lighting is forbidden on Shabbat. The sets and inscriptions of the blessing for the lighting reflect the special significance of the blessing in the candle lighting mitzvah.


Uplifting moments

The picturesque image of a Jewish mother lights a candle in honor of Shabbat is full of majesty. The small flames and silver dishes are an inseparable part of it. As a remedy for the box of matches that could ruin the majestic image, Hadad Pure Silver offers specialized boxes for the matches, as part of a lighting set. The blessing for the candle lighting nullifies the need for a Siddur or blessing pages to be placed by the candles, an option that is far less aesthetic and regal, as well as less safe.


A popular gift for a bride, and a touching gift for a woman

Blessings and sets for candle lighting aren’t an essential fixture like candlesticks, and for that reason it creates all the more joy and excitement. If your babysitter is getting married, and you want to truly show your gratitude, why not show it with an impressive match box? If you love your daughter in law, and want to invest in her more than is traditional, there is nothing like a fancy blessing set for candle lighting. of course, if your wife doesn’t have one yet, and you want to surprise her but also get something to her liking – go for an elegant set, one that will upgrade her uplifting experience of lighting candles every Shabbat.


Sets and blessings for lighting by Hadad Pure Silver

Safety first. All our candle lighting blessings, in all existing shapes, are particularly sturdy. This way you can be calm and not worry about it falling on the lit candles. We maintain a design compatible with the shape and size, so the stability is one hundred percent guaranteed.

The same goes for matchboxes: both for the upright models and the laying models.


The most comfortable for use

Our matchboxes are designed in a practical and comfortable way: firstly, they do not take up too much space. That said, the space inside them can fit very long matches, ones that most women use when they’re lighting candles. The boxes are designed to allow easy access, from the top if the box is standing and from the side if it’s laying down. Some of the boxes come with a blessing, as one product with two chambers, like the “chess lighting candles with deposit box”. If you have more space for the width of the tray rather than length, this could be a particularly good fit for you!

Out of our candle lighting blessing most of the models are designed as a board that’s not too thick and doesn’t take up space, so they can be placed on trays easily and be hand held to read the words closely, if there’s a need for it…


Clean lines: the design

As with all our products, here too we’ve maintained the highest standard of design. The blessings are framed in a frame decorated with clean lines, in a subtle modern design, drawing the eye to the words and broadcasts luxury and majesty. You can choose between the chess models, the Japanese models, or the combined Japanese chess models. The outlines of the Japanese models include straight lines across, as opposed to the chess models, whose lines are rounded along the sides. All the models have an impressive curve between two rounded edges, excluding the triangle model and the mixed model with the matchbox designed as a deposit box. Both these models are more rectangular in shape.


What are the prices of the sets and blessing for candle lighting?

Of course, we’ve also given thought to the price issue. All the sets and blessings for lighting are made of silver integrated with wood, and so the prices for all of them are rather affordable, moving between 100 NIS to 450 NIS. The amazing part is that the design is so artistic and meticulous, it’ll look like you paid much more! Therefore, our sets and blessings for lighting are especially appropriate for use as a heart-warming gift, and either way it could be used to complete your candle lighting set: you’ve invested in candlesticks, there’s already a tray, just a little more and it will be perfect.

Lighting Shabbat candles is a special moment of desire for prayer and requests. Every woman opens her heart in pleas before G-d, asking for the home, the husband and kids, livelihood and health. Particularly, it is a time for prayer over the children’s teachings, like the prayer said after the blessing: “may I merit to raise children… lighting up the world with Torah and good deeds.”