Israel Holidays

Throughout the year we celebrate various Israel holidays. Every holiday and its customs, every holiday and its traditional cuisine, and every holiday and his unique Judaica and silverware. Throughout the year, this silverware is presented in the Jewish Showcase, and when the holiday arrives – the Etrog box or Hanukkiah are finally taken out with excitement and anticipation – for a happy holiday!

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Every holiday and its special beauty

Rosh Hashanah

The table is set with the special holiday symbols: the head of a fish and fresh fruit. Among those traditional symbols, the table is decorated with the magnificent shimmers of a silver honey serving dish, and all wait to dip slices of apples in honey and for the beginning of a sweet and happy new year.



When it comes to choosing the four species used to practice the Mitzvahs of Sukkot, it is important to choose the best options available and to keep them properly intact. The carefully selected Etrog will be placed in a luxury velvet coated Etrog box, made of pure silver.



The whole family gathers to light the candles. On the windowsill or next to the door stands the familiar silver Hanukkah Menorah that becomes part of every family, from the old days to our modern times.



Reading the scroll is done in front of a crowd. The delicate card scroll is kept inside a silver scroll case. Wine is poured like water into shimmering wine glasses, silver cups and the wine itself can be stored in a matching bottle of wine made from pure silver.



The Seder table is set in a traditional manner. The magnificent Seder plate, made of pure silver or heritage, decorates the center of the table. The symbols of the seder are placed upon it, and three Matzhot are placed beneath it. A festive silver washing cup will be used during the ceremony, and in Eliyahu’s cup, we will pour the fifth glass in honor of the prophet Eliyahu – a glass for redemption.

Every holiday, and its special beauty. Every holiday and the silverware that accompanies and helps to practice the mitzvah in an elegant manner.


Israel Holidays – When Tradition Meets Innovation

We at Hadad pure silver are devoted to the traditional atmosphere that characterizes the Jewish holidays. Every family and its customs, every community and its traditions. Therefore, we offer silverware for all Jewish holidays in a variety of classic designs that draw inspiration from ancient Judaica tools.

But we do not lay on tradition alone, and it is important for us that you also enjoy the best innovation technology has to offer: sophisticated design, practical solutions, and aesthetic designs. How do we achieve this? Browse our website and you will see the huge variety of design styles, and smart combinations featuring different elements that bring tradition together with innovation. For example, the Vitrage Hammered leaves Etrog box is a great example of a timeless work of art, the innovative structure and oriental decorations joined together and accomplish an amazing result.


Especially for the holiday table

We all like to celebrate the various Jewish holidays in the bosom of our loved family, to host and to be hosted. The holiday table as its name implies: is a table set festively, with a white tablecloth spread upon it, and its surface is packed with all the best holiday dishes. The holiday table is decorated with various lovely utensils, such as vases with spectacular flowers,  expensive candelabras, and gleaming glasses of wine for all participants.

A candelabra is a decorative candled stick with a rich history, in the past, he has decorated the tables of the noble and has been a symbol of wealth and prestige. The Candelabras are made to hold several candles: from 5 to 15 candles, they are made of pure silver and excel in quality and stability.

Look for the wine glasses on Hadad’s pure silver website. You can choose from a wide variety of festive wine glasses, because “There is no joy but in meat and wine”. Some of our wine cups are made of heritage: high-quality copper with a thick, strong silver coating. Heritage tools are a unique development of the Hadad brothers, and their purpose is to enable luxury ornate tools at affordable prices.

Throughout the ages, Jews all over the world have used silverware for various Jewish holidays. Just as we strive to obtain a beautiful etrog and light the Hanukkiah candles with olive oil – we should celebrate the holidays using beautiful silver utensils to practice the mitzvahs in the best possible way.