Silver Seder Cases

Passover items come in different styles, types, and materials. The gathering’s importance is unquantifiable, and having the right items on hand to make things smoother is always a desirable outcome. Order now the Silver Seder Case that is suitable for you.

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You may find that the use of Passover’s silverware where possible is one of the best ways to achieve this, provided the kind of build quality and durability that pure silver items can bring.

Additionally, well-crafted silver demonstrates that it doesn’t need a host of flashy colors to stand out visually. Instead, the craftsmanship and patterns that form a part of the manufacturing processes speak for themselves.

Seder cases take center stage here, as you may be looking for one for yourself or as a gift. Hadad has a beautiful collection that could benefit you greatly!


The Hadad Story

It’s always useful to know a bit about the name behind the products you buy. The Hadad Bros idea is to support everyone who may have an interest in the items produced and sold. When you look through a collection, everything may not appeal to you.

Nevertheless, you should be able to find at least one item that speaks to your heart because of its unique design. Hadad aims to achieve this with its classic and modern designs, especially considering that various artists are behind the unique items.

For reference, there is currently no pure silverware producer larger than the Hadad Pure Silver chain. You can find the items in many places, including but not limited to, Judaica displays, hotels, and even synagogues around the world.


Silver Seder Cases – Let Your Heart Guide You

As indicated before, it’s all about the Seder cases here. While most of the designs feature a completely round exterior, the Seder Case Vitrage is an example of a spin on the design that many may find suitable.

If not, you do have the choice of several other outstanding pieces including the Seder Case Imperium Gates or even the Seder Case Polygonal King Garden.

All the items go through a quality assured manufacturing process before making it to your hands.

That’s why you may notice such long production and delivery times for items not in stock. Hadad does not believe in compromising quality, especially considering the intended purpose of these pieces.


Hadad Product Guarantee

The Hadad pure silver flagship series consists of authentic, Hadad Bros developed 925 sterling pieces. It’s the result of 50 years of experience making designs that meet the highest quality standards in Israel.

Therefore, all products from this line are backed by an unbeatable lifetime warranty. This applies to the soldering that holds various elements together, as well as the durability of the underlying silver.

If faulty production is to blame for any defect, Haddad Bros commits to repairing and replacing the item.

Note, however, that this guarantee only applies to items that have been properly cared for. So, damage beyond those guidelines including rubbing or scratching is not covered under the warranty.

Additionally, if repairs have been done by any third party or your items have been electronically cleaned or polished, the guarantee is also void.