Salt dishes

 The Jewish Shabbat and holiday table includes a salt dish as a permanent fixture. It is said “with all thine offerings thou shalt offer salt”, and that is the salt covenant. According to the Kabbalah, it’s important for salt dishes to be at the table when a feast is being held, as the salt covenant protects the Hebrews. Any food the is considered part of “Hamotzi” including the challah needs to be dipped in salt. According to some customs 3 dips are required.

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A Jewish table is a unique table

This custom is performed in all Jewish communities across the world with the utmost exaltation.  In order to dip the challah and commemorate the right of the salt covenant on the table, a salt dish is used. It is a designated container for holding salt, that allows for easy dipping.


 The practical aspects of salt dishes

  • Salt dishes prevent challah crumbs from getting on the table
  • Salt dishes prevent salt from being spread all over the table
  • Salt dishes allow for a quick and optimal dip of challah in the salt


Pure silver salt dishes for Shabbat

The Jewish people enjoy preforming every ritual while glorifying the mitzvah, as is said – “This is my G-d and I will praise Him”. Salt dishes made from pure silver have long been an integral, natural, and inseparable part of the Jewish Shabbat table, gloriously and majestically set.

Salt dishes are no longer just a practical tool after all, much more than that – they are an elegant ornamental piece, designed and sleek, that accentuates the regal merriment of Shabbat and holidays.


Salt dishes add to the design and aesthetic of the table

  • Compact and concisequality pure silver that comes together in a small and designed piece creates the brilliant effect of a silvery shine
  • The pure silver salt dishes join the other silver pieces at the head of the table and make them into a harmonious set of Kiddush tools, a challah tray, a knife for the challah, and a salt dish
  • A designing classic – even the richest design still leaves a clean and subtle impression, simply because it is a small and round dish
  • Salt dishes can be used as an extension or come together with the wine cup or goblet, provided they have a compatible design


Pure silver salt dishes – by Hadad Pure Silver

There is no competing with a good name, and no replacement for a brand. Especially if that brand has been active for 60 years, and is known all over the Jewish community worldwide. Hadad Pure Silver salt dishes have been designed to perfection by critically acclaimed artists, recognized veterans, in superior quality and a top shelf finish.

Which types of salt dishes will you find here? Here’s a chart summarizing the different options of pure silver salt dishes from the Hadad Pure Silver collection. To adorn the Shabbat and holiday table and fulfil the slat covenant with splendor.


What does it mean? Option Element
A single salt dish is used for salt alone, while a double salt dish can be used for salt and pepper or salt and honey, going by custom. Single/double Amount
A salt dish on a stem stands like a rounded goblet on a short and gradually widening stem, while a salt dish on a base has an extremely short stem standing on a square base, slightly elevated by tiny legs. On stem/on base Base
Every artist that designs silver pieces for Hadad Pure Silver knows that they can do as they see fit and bring their own personal and unique style without trying to imitate a specific fashion. Because of this our silver pieces are designed in a widely different range and an amazing splendor of eye grabbing styles and variations.

There are the artists who prefer the smooth silver, and bring a subtle and minimalist designs to the lip of the salt dish and its base, artists who focus more on the shape and less on the modeling, and artists who enjoy adornment, expansions, embossments, and engravings.

Each artist and their unique style, each person and the salt dish they choose and love. When there are so many different types you can be sure you’ll find a salt dish that feels as though it was designed specifically for you.

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