Kiddush time. The whole family gathers around the Shabbat or holiday table. At Hadad Brothers you can find Kiddush sets for every family and event, and in every style; Kiddush cups and matching holders, wine pourers, special Kiddush sets for the groom at the Shabbat chatan, a range of integrated sets of wine decanters and cups, and more.

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Pure silver decanters – taste and sight

Taste starts with sight. This is true for everything, as well as wine. Professional sommeliers can recognize the smallest differences in a blind tasting, but most of us drink and enjoy many different wines and our personal preferences are based on more than just flavor… the thing that proves this most is the immense effort wine companies invest in bottle design.

When you invest more in a finer wine, the bottle it’ll come in will be more elegant – that in itself will increase the desire for the wine and the enjoyment you’ll get out of it.

So why not improve the taste of each and every wine for ourselves, with a breathtaking and elegant pure silver decanter?


Decanters online instead of on exhibit

Browse the Hadad Pure Silver decanter catalogue. Let your eyes wander freely and enjoy the pure beauty that only art can supply. An artful, visual experience, for free! Why go to exhibits?

So, what does it for you?



Pitcher shaped decanters with a handle on one side and a spout on the other. Asymmetric design, fascinating and surprising and yet traditional, the ancient mythological pitcher. The image of how the silver pitchers looked like in The Temple.

Ball shaped decanters


A classic, symmetrical decanter. Rounded ball-shaped body.

An example for this would be the Lugano Ball Decanter.


Hakerem decanters

Decanters in a modern design, reminiscent of wine barrels and the style inspired by wineries.

An example for this would be the Hakerem Decanter.


Beneficent, spectacular, expansive

When high quality wine is served at the table during a feast, it allows for “The good and the beneficent” blessing to be said. Why? Because wine, by all studies and sources, brings pleasure and joy for “wine makes glad the heart of man.”

What happens when good wine is coupled with a beautiful decanter, that expands the mind? It is good, it is beneficent, and it makes for a perfect drinking experience.


Wine decanter – the ultimate gift

 If you’re looking for a present for…

  • Newlyweds
  • Parents
  • Hosts
  • Dedicated professional
  • Wedding
  • Anyone you wish to treat
  • Yourselves?


Because we have the ultimate gift

A Hadad Pure Silver wine decanter. To be used every Shabbat, Kiddush, and feast. For high quality hosting, festive events, or an intimate romantic night… undoubtedly a useful gift.


Important things to know about Hadad Pure Silver decanters

Hadad Pure Silver is the biggest company in the world for crafting silver pieces. As such, it can allow itself especially high standards for quality.


Therefore, you can rest assured there are standards for:


All of our wine decanters are quality crafted for maximum durability against wear and tear, falls, and blemishes.



The decanters are crafted with wide, thick, quality bases, to prevent falls, scratches and warps.



The decanters are designated for wine, they were designed with every detail in mind and created in a way to optimally preserve the flavor of the wine.



You can enjoy an easy and comfortable pour with every decanter.



All the decanters are easily cleanable, thanks to a wide build and a lack of narrow or twisted sections.


>>>Silver decanter – for sale online<<<

Hadad Pure Silver has an especially innovative, user friendly, and comfortable site. In the catalogue under every item you’ll find the main details: model name, price, and crafting material.

All other information can be found in great detail on the item page, accessible with a simple click on the item.

The price range of our wine decanters is wide. In general, the prices are almost surprising. Wine decanters are luxury items, but at Hadad Pure Silver we made sure the prices attainable for everyone.


*Prices are conveniently arranged by decanter type:

  • Our ball shaped decanters are the cheapest, with prices lower than 2,000 nis.
  • Hakerem decanters are a bit more expensive, towards the 3,000 nis range.
  • The most expensive decanters are the pitchers, with the prices higher than 5,000 nis.

*Prices vary from time to time


The Hadad Bros. wine decanters. For Shabbat celebrations, a luxurious gift, a magical and mythical drinking experience, and even simply to give our favorite wines the proper respect.