Silver Matzah Holders

A silver Matza box holder is the perfect Jewish holiday Passover gift for someone special in your life. The large size helps to keep a serving area clean from matzo crumbs during the Passover celebrations.

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Hadad Bros site is one of the leading manufacturers of Seder or Passover silverware in Israel and has been trusted by many families during religious holidays.


Silver Matzah Box Holder – Purchase It for Your Loved One

Our premium range of silver matzah box holders is hand-made from 925 sterling silver and can be used throughout the year, especially during Jewish Seder. The Matza Shmura Imperium Gate box is created from 925 pure sterling silver with handcrafted floral designs surrounding the piece.

This silver matzah box holder has a standard weight of 1060g, a height of 9cm, and a diameter of 35cm. It stands on solid sterling silver legs and has a convenient glass lid to protect your matzo from flies or to keep it fresh.

The gorgeous round design can add elegance to the Passover table and can hold your matzah superbly. There are design elements included that can elevate your celebrations through aesthetics and style.


High-quality manufacturing standards

When the item is not in stock, we work timeously to manufacture your silver matzah box holder. Our company prides itself on high-quality manufacturing standards and exceptional customer service, so you know you are dealing with the best in the business.

Before Passover arrives in April, we ensure that our store is fully stocked so that you do not need to wait if you have any last-minute orders.

Our customers are always number one, and you can experience that first hand when you buy any of our products.


Silver Matzah Holder – Quality Craftmanship Guaranteed

No matter what product you buy from us, you are guaranteed a quality piece that can impress your guests and protect your matzo.

All our silver matzah box holders are handcrafted and made from pure sterling silver, so it shines forever.

We understand Seder and Passover are vital to the Jewish community, so we only use 925 and pure silver in manufacturing.

One thing is for sure; if you buy any product from us, you are guaranteed superior quality and outstanding customer satisfaction.

All our silver products come with a lifetime warranty, protecting your investment from breakage or damage while your family owns it.

If you ever have a problem with any item purchased from us, contact our support staff to find out the replacement or repair process.


Join the Hadad Pure Silver Family

Many families in Israel trust the Hadad Pure Silver chain to produce high-quality outstanding silverware that lasts a lifetime.

Our company’s creations adorn hotels, synagogues, and Judicial displays around the world.

Every product is hand-made and adheres to strict quality control standards so that you receive the class your family deserves.