Silver Serveware for Passover

Passover is one of the most important religious holidays of the year. It is an occasion each April and Nissan when the family comes together to celebrate the Seder. The Silver Serveware for Passover is a crucial part of the celebrations and must be in any Jewish household.

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If you are looking for high-quality Passover’s serveware, then you have come to the right place. Hadad Brother’s Pure Silver has manufactured intricate silverware for generations, with some of our artists having over 20 years of experience.


Passover’s Serveware – Lady Susan Trio

Your Passover’s serve ware collection must be filled with various holders to store sweets or condiments during the festivities. This product is in stock and makes an excellent addition to any person’s Passover’s serve ware during the holidays.

It’s made from solid black wood and has silver plating on each side of the base. Each piece of 925 sterling silver is hand etched and polished to ensure that the highest standards are upheld.

We only produce top-quality silver and are meticulous in our design process, so you can expect the best to come from our company. If you need to extend your Passover’s serveware collection, this Lady Susan Trio is the perfect addition.

It comes with three glass containers, which are elegantly shaped and fit perfectly on the serving board. These glass holders are ideal for keeping sweets, chips, or dips and can be placed anywhere around the celebrational event.


High-quality manufacturing process

All silver products are shipped to you free of charge* and come with a lifetime warranty for peace of mind. The Lady Susan Trio Passover’s serve ware is no exception as it’s carefully manufactured to last your family for generations.

If an item is not in stock, we work tirelessly to manufacture the piece of Passover’s serve ware that you require. Production time can take anywhere between 10 to 14 days, but sometimes longer if you need a more significant product.

Our company prides itself on exceptional customer service and a high-quality manufacturing process. We ensure that we are fully stocked before Passover arrives in April and Nissan so that our clients do not need to wait for items to ship at the last minute. When you purchase our products, you can experience the customer satisfaction that everybody wishes to receive.


Silver Serveware for Passover – Quality Workmanship

No matter what piece of Passover’s serve ware you buy from us, it’s guaranteed to protect your foodstuff and impress your guests. All our Passover’s serve ware is hand-crafted, and the silver used is 925 sterling which is one of the highest qualities, most stylish, and safest silvers on the market.

Our craftmanship and designs have been carried down for generations, so you can expect to receive timeless Passover’s serve ware that can excite your guests. A lifetime warranty protects all our silver products for the client’s peace of mind.


Buy quality Passover’s serveware from Hadad Bros

With the exceptional quality of the Hadad Pure Silver products and the lifetime warranty we supply, it’s silly not to buy your Passover’s serve ware from us. Many Israeli families have trusted us and our products throughout the generations.

You can find our hand-crafted products in Judaica displays, synagogues, hotels, and homes worldwide.