Bar Mitzvah kiddush sets

Hadad Brothers Silver is one of the best suppliers of high-quality Bar Mitzvah Kiddush sets. The selection of exquisite sets and individual pieces are perfect for such a special occasion. The care and craftsmanship poured into every design emanate in the flawless finishes and unbeatable class.

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Whether you are looking for a finely detailed goblet or a cup and plate set, Hadad Brothers are the first place to turn. Unmatched attention to detail and dedication to perfection set these products aside from anything else out there, making them truly exceptional.


Premium Bar Mitzvah Kiddush Sets to Give as Gifts

Silverware gifts for Bar Mitzvah celebrations do not come any better than the ones on offer at Hadad Brothers. Each piece is handcrafted out of the purest 925 sterling silver with acute attention to detail. An occasion so special commands a gift of equal importance, and these sets are fit for a prince.


The Gates Zechariah Kiddush Set

One of the most impressive Bar Mitzvah gifts of all is the Gates Zechariah Kiddush Set. Standing at eight and a half centimeters tall and weighing around 129 grams, this intricately engraved cup and plate set is the perfect size for this occasion. The quality of the metal ensures it can last a lifetime, providing an ever-lasting reminder of the special day and the loved one who gifted it.

Add an engraved message to enhance the personal touch and share your love even more. Every Gates Zechariah Kiddush set is made with love because, at Hadad Bros, we understand the value of family, friends, and a gift of this kind.


The Braided David Goblet

What makes this goblet such a versatile gift is the various size options you can choose between. The Braided David Goblet (S)– small size, is perfect as a Bar Mitzvah gift either on its own or as part of a set.

The unique woven design adds something extra to this beautiful goblet that you don’t often see. Even when paired with a simple silver plate, this is a statement piece. It weighs around 67g and stands at 12.5 centimeters tall, making it the perfect size for someone ready to become a man.


Other Silverware Gifts by Hadad Brothers

Bar Mitzvah Kiddush sets are not the only silverware gifts available from this industry-leading company. Take the Chocolate Kiddush Set for a groom, for example. Made from pure 925 sterling silver and finished to perfection, this stunning plate and cup groom set can be engraved with a personal dedication to make it even more special.


Finest classic and modern Bar Mitzvah Sets

After years of experience working with the best artists to craft some of the finest classic and modern silverware, the Hadad Brothers are firmly at the forefront of the industry.

Having supplied gifts from the heart for family occasions, homes, synagogues, and displays across the world for several decades, this specialty production is an institution in the world of silverware- including Bar Mitzvah Kiddush sets.

The team is passionate about helping families and loved ones create lasting memories through gifts that can last a lifetime.