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Tishrei holidays often fall as a long string of holy days and Shabbat days. We can find ourselves manning the kitchen for many long hours and making a wealth of rich Shabbat and holiday feasts. Every holiday has two feasts and every Shabbat – three. We usually tend to celebrate the feasts in a wide familial setting, every person according to their customs and the customs of their ancestors. These are days where it is customary to host and be hosted and enjoy friendship and peace between close people.

The Tishrei holiday table are a feast for the eyes. The overflowing amounts of fine foods on them, as a sign of respect for the holy day, and the fulfilment of the enjoyment of the holy day mitzvah that is achieved through meat and wine as was dictated by Chazal. In addition, it is appropriate to set the table in a pleasing way, again, in order to show respect and prestige to holy days.


We eat and fulfil a mitzvah


There are two ways to eat: the simple way to eat, rather the animalistic way – is the one the satisfies the lowest level of the human soul and satisfies immediate needs. The other form of eating is wildly different, it is high eating – this is the form of eating where the food is being enjoyed, but there are respects paid to the heavens. This way the material is blessed and the very act of eating becomes a mitzvah. The holiday feasts were not intended to fulfil the desires of our senses alone, but to help us celebrate the occasion more fully. This type of eating is a holy act, and when the time comes the reward for it will be given in kind.  


How can we show respect to the Tishrei holidays? When the table is dressed for the occasion


Serving and setting the table beautifully are inseparable elements in the enjoyment of eating. The same food being served in a majestic or dull manner will take on drastically different flavors. It is important to invest time in serving the delicious and festive food, in majestic serving dishes. The Hadad Brothers present breathtaking serving wear for the Tishrei holidays, integrating silver and glass that are appropriate for serving salads, sides, nuts, or candy. 


Serving dishes for the Tishrei holidays – not just any dish


During the holidays we have a desire to beautify the dinner table more than we do on other days. If on weekdays or Shabbat days we fill our table with many different kinds of serving dishes, in makes sense that we get a rush of excitement by the holy days and a desire to glorify them more that usual. The serving dishes from the Hadad Brothers silver dishes for the Tishrei holidays catalogue, are made with an intent to glorify. The integration of the regal engraved metal on the smooth slate, creates a uniquely festive serving dish, that is appropriate for use during holidays and important dates. These serving dishes come with an added value above all other serving dishes, and they encapsulate splendor at its finest.


Every day is a holiday


The magnificent serving dish can be displayed in a clear display case during all days of the year, it will glorify the living room with its presence and remind you of glorious holidays passed, soon to return again, and the circular year will never stop turning on its hinge. For more selections of silver dishes for the Tishrei holidays – check here. 


Spirit, hosting, and gifts


On these holy days filled with spirituality and sanctity, we find ourselves invited to a meal or the entire holiday with family members, friends, and acquaintances. We are grateful for the goodwill and the effort, and the need to show our gratefulness burns within us, so we’d like to gift our loved ones with a present that will make them truly happy. Serving dishes for the Tishrei holidays is a designated gift, useful and splendid, that shows respect to the home owners and hosts, and makes them feel appreciated. Between us – hosting on the holidays is no picnic, and they really are deserving of all the admiration.


Serving dishes for the Tishrei holidays are a symbol of practicality and quality


When you purchase a gift and pay for it with your hard – earned money, you’d like to be assured that you’ve gotten the best. The Tishrei holiday dishes at the Hadad Brothers store fill those requirements: they are made from high – quality raw materials, and created with advanced technology, something that guarantees these serving dishes will be with your hosts for many more holidays to come. The serving dish is called “Lady Susan Trio” and the wooden slate integrated with silver and the glass dishes on top of it are very easy to clean. 

The Tishrei holidays serving dishes are what you are looking for as a unique gift or for personal use. Order a fancy dish today at the Hadad Brothers store, and rest easy knowing that your holiday is about to be really festive. Happy Holidays!

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The start of the year is a time to celebrate the new year and its blessings, as well as a time of purification and renewal. Rosh HashanaSuccot, and Simchat Torah are full of festive opportunities to give special gifts to family and friends. Tishrei gifts include elegant serving dishes, candlesticks, Kiddush cups, honey dishes, etrog boxes and other items which bear holiday memories for many years.